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Prerequisites: Algebra I

Your child is expected to have mastered Middle School Math and Algebra 1. As this material will not be
re-taught, your child may need outside tutoring to correct any deficiency. Tutorial times for current class
material will be offered before and after school and during both lunches. Times will be posted in each
classroom. Grades will be posted online in Skyward.

E-mail Website
A-Days B-Days Fridays

7:00 7:30 AM

12:45 1:05 PM NONE

Course Description/Goals:
This course will include a study of Relations, properties and
measurement of surfaces, lines and angles in one, two and
three-dimensional figures are investigated and used in the
course. Emphasis will be placed on developing deductive
thinking as well as problem solving using proofs and definitions
while integrating algebraic concepts. The student must develop
the ability to think creatively and in an organized manner The
level of instruction will focus on preparing students for
Advanced Placement courses.
***Basic Algebra 1 skills are assumed and are imperative
for success in this course.

My philosophy of discipline is centered on mutual respect.
I am in full support of all school rules and enforce them.

Make Up Work:
When you are absent, it is your responsibility to get all missed
notes and assignments.
1. All work must show steps to receive credit.
2. All work must be neat and legible.
3. To receive credit, all work is to be turned in on time!!

Typical Day's Schedule:
PSAT warm-up
Discussion and checking of
assignments, collection of homework.
Random Daily Quizzes and/or Tests
New Lessons/Activity
Daily Assignments

Grading Procedure:
Daily/Homework 20%
Quizzes 30%
Tests/Projects 50%
**This average will count as 86% in the
final average. Final Exam is 14%

Supplies To Bring Daily:
3-ring Binder or Folder with brads
Spiral Notebook
Grading Pen or pencil
1 box of tissues
TI-84 Graphing Calculator (optional)

I am very confident that we will have an excellent school year at Martin High School. Be assured that I will
do everything possible to make this a successful year. If you have any questions or concerns, please
contact me at 682-867-8600 or send me an E-mail. I look forward to working with you and your child this

Greg Peters

Geometry for Enjoyment and Challenge
You must bring it to class every day!
Replacement cost: $71.22