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Criminal Justice Course Syllabus

Mrs. Heather Lay

North Marion High School

Course Description: This course will explore the three main areas in the criminal justice system; Police,
Court, and Corrections. We will highlight how multiculturalism and diversity present special challenges to, and
opportunities for, the American system of criminal justice. We will also look at current events and their
relationship to the criminal justice system.
Course Expectations: Students are responsible for being on time, coming prepared to class with their
organized notebooks and a pen. Students are expected to participate in class discussions and activities.
Students are also expected to behave in a respectful manner in this classroom.
Course Evaluation: Students will be evaluated by organized notebooks with all work, classroom projects,
class work, tests, quizzes, and participation in activities.
Materials: 1 pocket notebook folder, pens and paper. Notebooks with a folder are recommended for loose
handouts given in class. This notebook will be used for this class only. Please bring materials EVERY DAY!
Attendance/Make-up Work: For every day a student is absent with an excused slip; he/she will have that
many days to make-up class work. Exceptions will be made for special circumstances, please see me to make
arrangements. *See Student Handbook for further information on absences.
Cell Phones: Cell phones are not to be used in class. Students are to keep them turned off and in their
backpacks or pockets. Disciplinary measures: Students will first receive a verbal warning. After that time, the
students phone will be kept in my class until the end of the period. If this becomes a habitual problem
occurring in my class, the phone will be sent to Student Services Office where the parent/guardian will have to
pick it up.
Special Projects: Students will participate in a mock trial when we cover the Judicial System. Students will
also be responsible for various projects/materials and power point presentations in this class.
CJ News: Bring an article related to criminal Justice EVERY Wednesday! We will discuss current events
related to Police, Courts, and Corrections. We will then write in our own words about the article.
Tests/Extra Credit: Students will be evaluated by tests covering sections in the text throughout the semester.
These are teacher or textbook generated tests and may cover class lectures and discussions as well. Tests will
include multiple choice, short answer and essay questions.
Special Requirements: This is available to students in the Marion County Public School District with approved
modifications. For more information please contact me.
Tardy Policy:
Tardy 1 Teacher will remind the student of the importance of being on time
Tardy 2 - Teacher will call home and speak to a parent/guardian about tardiness
Tardy 3 Teacher will send home a conduct report with the student to be signed by the parent and
returned to the teacher
Tardy 4 Discipline referral to Student Services 4 days Character Development Academy (CDA)
Classroom Rules
1. Come to class prepared.
2. Be respectful to the instructor and fellow students.
3. Be an active participant in all discussions and class activities.
4. No food or drinks in class.
5. No cell phone or ipod/mp3 player use in class.
6. Follow all Student Handbook Rules.
Ways to keep in touch with me and what the students are doing.
Download the free app Remind and enter this class code for:

Criminal Justice 1 @nmhscj1
Criminal justice 2 @nmhscj2
Criminal justice 3 @nmhscj3

To join via text, send a text to (620) 268-0988 with this message for:

Criminal Justice 1 @nmhscj1
Criminal Justice 2 @nmhscj2
Criminal Justice 3 @nmhscj3

Or email:

Criminal Justice 1
Criminal Justice 2
Criminal Justice 3


Student Signature: _______________________________________ Date: __ _____

Parent Signature: ________________________________________ Date: ______ _

Please return this paper back to Mrs. Lay for extra credit by August
22, 2014.

One last thing Pens, Tissues, Hand Sanitizer and Band-Aids
are always appreciated donations for the kids! Also extra
credit for each item!!