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Integrated Coastal Planning of

Jakarta Waterfront
Assignment week 4

Pratama Rizqi Ariawan
Sriwijaya University
Coastal Condition
Land subsidence rate
13 rivers flow to Jakarta bay
Global sea levels
Jakarta Coastal Defence
Jakarta waterfront
Muara Angke
Muara Karang

Reclamation of north Jakarta bay
Coastal Planning Giant Seawall
Presidential Decree no. 54 year 2008
Medium Development Plan 2013-2017 by
Local Legislative
Giant Seawall?
A.K.A Polder is a low-lying tract of land enclosed
by embankments (barriers) known as dikes that
forms an artificial hydrological entity, meaning it
has no connection with outside water other than
through manually operated devices
Fresh Water Reseroir
Wastewater Treatment
Extended Port
Roadway Connection
Luxury Resort
Why Giant Seawall?

The Mega Project
Three Different Schemes
First scheme involves integrated seawall with
reclamation of north Jakarta bay
Second scheme involves integrated seawall
forward to the deeper sea (-16 m)
Third scheme involves integrated seawall
connecting the thousand islands
Critics Related to The Plan
Investment cost (more than 200 Trillion rupiah)
Operating, Repairing, Maintenance cost?

10 years prediction
More years for fully available facilities

Designed to be fully enclosed embankment
Reduce the water quality
Marine ecosystem degradation
Alternative Solution
Flood Reduction
Conserve the upland areas to reduce runoff
Dredging sediment load in the canal
Elevating the river dikes to maximize the capacity

Flood Prevention
Using the river easement wisely
Cleaning the river from rubbish to prevent
clogging of the waterways
Building the seawall alongside the coastline