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(1 Marks Each)

1. What are the raw materials for

2. Give the energy transformation that takes
place in the process of photosynthesis.
3. Write the equation of photosynthesis.
4. What is the respiratory organ of earthworm?
5. Give the function of ylem.
(2 Marks Each)
!. Write any two functions of large intestine to
". #ow are lungs $esigne$ in human %eings to
maimi&e the area for echange of gases?
'. Why is $iffusion insufficient to meet the
oygen requirements of multicellular organisms
like human?
(. )raw the human heart an$ la%el its parts.
1*. What is the role of the aci$ in our stomach?
(3 Marks Each)
11. )raw a $iagram + $escri%e the process %y
which ecretion occurs in amoe%a. ,3 marks-
.hemistry /est0.h011 .hemical 2eactions Page
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12. #ow $oes %loo$ circulate %etween lungs an$
heart in human %eings? Give two functions of
lymph in human %o$y.
13. #ow $oes each of the following factors
affect the pro$uctivity in the process of
,i- /emperature ,ii- Water ,iii- .ar%on
14. Write necessary con$itions for autotrophic
nutrition an$ its %y0pro$ucts?
15. #ow are fats $igeste$ in our %o$y? Where
$oes this process take place?
1!. ,i- )raw a la%ele$ $iagram of the respiratory
system of human %eings with $iaphragm at the
en$ of epiration.
,ii- 3ist four con$itions require$ for efficient gas
echange in an organism. ,5 marks-
.hemistry /est0.h011 .hemical 2eactions Page