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Centennial High School National History Honor Society Constitution


Mission Statement

The National History Honor Society at Centennial High School aims to promote interest in
history and provide a platform for historical enrichment, learning, and community service.


Regular meetings will be held on the second Friday of each month from September to April,
unless otherwise noted. An additional, abridged meeting will be held in May to hand out cords to
graduating seniors.
Meeting time will be allotted during regular meetings for members participating in the National
History Day event.
General meetings will consist of announcements regarding upcoming events and activities
followed by a historical presentation based on the month or historical projects. Attendance will
be taken at the beginning of the meeting by the secretary.
General meetings will run until approximately 2:45 pm and will formally begin at 2:20 pm.
Officer meetings will occur after every general meeting and at other times decided on by all
board members.
Athletes will be allowed to leave general meetings at 2:40 pm.

Requirements For Admission

Note: A history course is defined here as any course in the Social Studies portion of the
Howard County Public School System course manual. Courses from other school systems may
be used to fulfill the requirement but are not guaranteed to.
1) Candidate must take at least one history course all four years of high school.
2) Candidate must be currently enrolled in at least one Honors, G/T, or AP history course.
3) Candidate has earned at least a cumulative unweighted 3.0 GPA overall.
4) Candidate has earned at least a cumulative 3.5 GPA in history courses.
5) Candidate must pay an initial membership fee of $10, inclusive of a cord.
6) To earn readmission each year, candidates must have earned at least 6 credits the previous
school year. Students with 5 credits from the previous school year may be allowed entrance
based on officer discretion. These members will be required to make up the credits they missed
the previous year in the new year.
7) Returning members must submit an update form in lieu of the initial application each year.

Requirements During Membership

Members are expected to attend every meeting.
One excused absence is allowed without penalty.
A second excused absence may be made up by earning another credit.
A third excused absence may be made up by earning another two credits.
A fourth excused absence will result in dismissal from the society.
An absence will only be excused if the member emails the National History Honor Society board
that he or she will not be at the meeting in an advance notice of two days. The president will
decide whether an absence will be counted as excused.
One unexcused absence may be made up by earning another two credits.
A second unexcused absence will result in dismissal from the society.
Please note that the excused and unexcused absences will add up with each other, so that
the penalties between the two are cumulative as well.
Two late arrivals (after fifteen minutes have passed in the meeting) will count as one excused
One credit will generally be awarded for two hours of service to a historical event.
Credits may also be earned through opportunities such as projects, wherein the quality of the
project as decided by the board determines the number of credits the member receives.
Members are required to earn eight credits throughout the school year. An additional two credits
are required for officers to maintain their position.
Members with perfect attendance will be given more leniency when officers decide who is
eligible for cords or readmission into the honor society for the following year.

Requirements to Receive Graduation Cord

1) Member must have earned at least a cumulative unweighted 3.5 GPA in all history courses.
2) Member must be approved by the sponsor, Mr. Rodney McCaslin, to receive the graduation

Election Process

Elected Officers: Elected officers will be chosen from the current board. A vote amongst the
entire club will be held - the candidate with the most votes will be the new president and the
candidate(s) with fewer votes will participate in a run-off election to elect the vice-president. If
there is only one non-senior on board, then he or she will be the new president and the vice
president will be chosen from the remainder of the club.
Appointed Officers: Elected officers will choose three appointed board members.


President: The president runs the meetings and is in charge of organizing for the club. The
president is elected from the previous years officers.
Vice President: The vice president is in charge of maintaining and creating applications and
maintaining a listing and all sign-ups of all events for the school year.
Secretary: The secretary keeps record of meetings, credits, and all other paperwork and aids the
president in running meetings.
Treasurer/Fundraiser: The treasurer and fundraiser handles fundraising and money flow of the
club and takes charge of planning field trips.
Member-at-Large: The member-at-large creates promotional materials, including, but not limited
to: posters, social media posts, and the official club website and assists all other officer members
as needed.