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Scientific Method Notes

Scientific Method
A process for __________________and its changes in a _________format.
There are actually many scientific methods, depending on the nature of the
specific problem under study and on the particular investigator involved.
Scientific Method Steps
1._____________. Make observations on some aspect of the universe.
. HYPOTHESIZE. Make an !_____________! to e"plain the observations.
#.__________. $se the hypothesis to predict other aspects of the nature of the
%. TEST. Test the predictions by e"periments and&or further observations.
'.____________. (f the predictions are____________, use the e"perimental
results and&or ______________________to modify the hypothesis and then repeat
steps # and %.
)._________________. *hen all the predictions are ________________by the
e"periments and&or ne+ observations the hypothesis________________. A theory
is a conceptual frame+ork that e"plains ____________________and predicts ne+
Step 1
Making observations
_________________ ,descriptive-
___________________ ,numerical&measurement-
Step 2.
Formultin! h"pothesis ,_____________________-
A hypothesis is a possible e"planation for an observation.
*hich of the follo+ing hypotheses could be tested/ 0es or 1o
Ty 2obb +as a better hitter than 3ete 4ose. _____________
(vory soap is 55.67 pure. _______________
4olaids consumes %6 times its +eight in e"cess stomach acid._____
The baby is happy because he cries three times a day.______
Step #.3erforming e"periments ,testing the hypothesis-
An $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ is a planned +ay to test a hypothesis
An $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ is changed to determine ho+ it
+ill affect the dependent %ri&le.
A variable that does not change is a $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.
A $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ is the standard to +hich test results can be