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Welcome to

Room B229

Welcome to second grade in Room B229! My name is
Victoria Torres and I am looking forward to working
with your child this year. In second grade, we will focus
on strengthening reading skills and math concepts,
investigating science models, and researching social
studies topics. There is much to learn and do as we guide
your child on his/her way to academic excellence!
The parent-teacher relationship is vital to your child's
success in school. By working together, we can help
your child have a very fulfilling learning experience. The
classroom guidelines in this welcome letter will help you
better understand our daily routine and expectations.
Contact Information:
vlcLorla 1orres
Sulllvans number 243-7336
I encourage as much communication as possible.
Please email me with questions or comments or call
the above number before or after student school

I will use a class webpage to keep you updated on
important information including lunch menus and
spelling lists. I usually update it on Sunday for the
following week.

Rules and
1. Respect Yourself
2. Respect Others
3. Respect Property
During the first day of school, we discussed
expected classroom behaviors and shared ideas
about how our discipline plan will work. Students
examined all the classroom rules they were familiar
with and realized everything fits into the three main
categories listed to the left.
Ask your child to give you some examples of these
three categories.
We will be using the Class Dojo system to help the
children meet their behavior goals. I believe in clear
expectations, so your child will know the
appropriate behavior prior to each activity, lesson,
or transition. Attached to this letter, please find the
Class Dojo information form you will use to set up
your parent and student accounts. Please sign and
return the bottom portion tomorrow.


Please be sure to check
your childs homework
folder and return it to
school daily.
Homework: Each night, students
will be expected to read for at least
15-20 minutes. We will use Spelling
City as well as written work to
practice our spelling and vocabulary
words. There will also be occasional
math worksheets. Two to three times
weekly, students will be given writing
prompts for homework.
Parents will be able to check the
required work for the week on our
class website.
Homework Tips
Remove distractions - complete homework in a
quiet place without distractions.
Establish a routine - set a specific homework
time routine for every day.
Guide, but dont correct - if your child needs
help, offer ideas to help them sort out the
problem, but do not give the answers.
Get organized for tomorrow - remind your child
to pack the backpack before going to bed. Its
better than rushing in the morning and
forgetting an assignment at home.

0740 0800 Arrival and Morning procedures
0800 0845 Specials
0845 1035 ELA
1035 1120 Lunch and Recess
1120 1200 Writers Workshop
1200 1320 Math
1320 1400 Social Studies/Science/Health
1400 - Dismissal

Arrival: Second grade
students line up in front of the
school to the right of the flagpole.
The bell rings at 7:40AM. Class
begins at 7:45AM. Please send
your child to school on time as our
day begins promptly at 7:45.
Dismissal: The regular school day ends at
2:00PM. For the first week, I will escort
students to the flagpole at the front of the
school. Make plans to meet your child there. If
an alternative pick up situation is needed for
your child, please email or send in a note. After
week one, students will be dismissed from the
classroom door.

Snack: Due to an early
lunchtime, an optional snack will
be in the afternoon. Please send in
healthy snacks that can be eaten
easily with little mess (apples,
grapes, crackers, etc.) as students
will continue to work while eating.
Lunch: If your child is eating a hot lunch,
PIN numbers will be required. Lunch accounts
are maintained at the NEX Cashiers Cage.
PIN numbers: Numbers must be
MEMORIZED by the end of the first week of
school to help our lunch line move quickly in
the cafeteria.

Classroom supply lists can be found at the NEX. Please check throughout the year to
see if your child needs to replenish his or her supplies.

Please return the following forms by Tuesday, September 2, 2014: Emergency card,
On-base field trip permission slip, Class Dojo signature portion, and Volunteer
application (optional).

Again, welcome to our second grade classroom. I look forward to getting to know your family and teaching your child
this year. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.


Victoria Torres