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1. 1013.2 mb, 29.

92 in
2. Barometer
3. Latent heat (gives it up or gains certain amount to change phase)
4. Solid, liquid, gas -> 2
densest, contracts; densest, takes shape of container,
noncompressible; invisible, compressible, least dense
5. Steeper pressure gradient means higher wind speed (closer lines)
6. *Prss systems
7. Weather vane; to reduce effects of local topography on wind direction
8. Higher temp can hold more moisture
9. Tends to locate over colder northern continental areas in winter rather than directly over
relatively warmer Atlantic Ocean
10. *How are winds named?
11. *Europeans to new world
12. *High pressure systems: Low pressure systems:
13. *see 5
14. NH, HPS: clockwise; SH, HPS: counterclockwise - NH, LPS: counterclockwise; SH,
LPS: clockwise
15. *35
parallel to poles; 17