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Assignment 1- COAP1010

Liz Nhu Thi Van Anh

1. What does HDD mean? What is the fastest HDD right now?
HDD stands for Hard Disk Drive. SSD is the fastest HDD right now.
2. What is the fastest type of RAM available right now?
The fastest type of RAM available right now is DDR4 RAM.
3. In general, what is the purpose of computer ports?
Mainly, the purpose of computer ports is used to connect different peripherals as an
external connection device on the computer.
4. Who invented USB, and why was it so revolutionary?
Ajay Bahtt invented USB which is the most useful to transfer data devices in the world.
5. Who invented Firewire, and why did it finally die?
Apple invented Firewire and it died because USV has a long record of more latency issue
than FireWire. USB also uses CPU which FireWire doesnt.
6. Why is HDMI better than DVI or VGA ports?
HDMI is better than DVI or VGA ports because it provides better resolution and consists
of audio.
7. Why did Apple take so long to support HDMI? USB 3.0?
Because since they invented Firewire, they thought that it could be the best one in the
future for people to use.
8. Who invented blu-Ray? What was the other standard that blu-Ray killed even though
many people said it was better?
Sony invented Blu-Ray. The other standard that Blu-Ray was killed even though many
people said it was better is the studio isnt trying to sell to a clued-up consumer.
9. What country is Samsung from? LG? Oppo? Asus? Acer? HP? Intel? Sony? Apple?
Google? Facebook? Twitter?
Sansung and LG are from Korea. Oppo is from China. Asus and Acer are from Taiwan.
Sony is from Japan. HP, Intel, Apple, Google, Facebook and Twitter are from USA.