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Starburst Hotpad

Designed by: Loretta Schepp

A durable bag without too many fancy do-dads is good for holding your crochet
supplies. Some pockets inside are nice for scissors and needles, but too
many buttons or clasps may snag the yarn that you are working with. Be sure to
pick up your crochet needle so no bare feet step on it (it's not particularly sharp, but
it still hurts). Pickup any stray yarn scraps that might clog up your vacuum cleaner
bags. Don't forget to put away your yarn carefully in yoursupply organizer so
children or cats don't get a hold of it and unravel all your hard work!

1-1/2 oz. variegated 4-ply worsted weight yarn (Color A)
1 oz. white 4-ply worsted weight yarn (Color B)
Crochet hook size G (6-4.25mm)
Finishing materials: Tapestry needle
Finished Size: 8" in dia
Gauge: 2 rows = 2"
Pattern Notes: You will crochet five (5) individual motifs. Joining them together
will create the starburst look. Keep motifs right side facing you.
Make Five (5)
With Color A (variegated) ch 5 and sl st to form ring.
Rnd 1) Ch 3, 3 tc in ring, ch 6. * 4 tc, ch 6 * repeat between * two more times. Sl st
to beg. ch 3. Cut yarn and tuck in ends.
Rnd 2) With Color B (white) join yarn in any ch 6 sp, ch 3 (beg. tc), 11 more tc in
same sp. * 12 tc in next ch 6 sp * repeat between * two more times, sl st to beg. ch
3. Cut yarn and tuck in ends.
With right side facing and using Color A, sc around the top half of the first motif (
24 sc). With a sc join second motif to first and sc around top half of second motif.
Continue this until all five motifs are connected. Do not break yarn.
Sc around the lower half of each motif and in each joining sc being careful not to
turn piece. Join with sl st to first sc.
With a double strand of yarn and your tapestry needle draw through only the center
sc of each motif. Pull tightly, make knot, cut yarn and tuck in ends between motifs.
As you begin drawing the yarn through the center sc of each motif you will notice
the petals forming.
You may crochet these in pastel, variegated or solid shades of yarn. There is never
a bad combination when working this pattern.
Note: Cotton yarns are always best to use when making hotpads, potholders or
items where hot dishes are involved. 4-ply yarn comes in both cotton and acrylics.
Please always use caution when dealing with hot dishes.