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Student Conduct Contract

La clase de espaol

Comportamiento y preparacin:
(Behavior and Preporation)
A good foreign Language student is curious, open-minded, considerate, attentive, and
always prepared for class.

*Mutual respect for one another is a must in my classroom!

To be successful you must always:
1. Follow all directions the first time they are given.
2. Be in your seat at the start of each class.
3. Be recognized before speaking.
4. Keep your hands, feet, and objects to yourself.
5. Remain in your seat until permitted to get up.

Consequences for not following class expectations:
1. Warning
2. Lunch Detention
3. Parent Contact
4. Office Referral
Severe Case: Send to the principal

Homework will be assigned throughout the year. In addition, you should spend at least
20 minutes a day reviewing your Spanish vocabulary, verb conjugations, etc.

*Remember, practice makes perfect!

1. Homework is due at the beginning of class.
2. Homework will vary in points depending on the assignment.
3. Academic dishonesty will not be tolerated!

Consequences for not completing homework the day it is due:
1. Homework Intervention will be assigned the same day.
2. The students team will be notified.
3. Parent contact.
4. Office Referral

Tardanzas y salidas durante la clase:
(Tardies and Leaving Durning Class)
Arriving and leaving during class while I am teaching is disruptive and disrespectful.

*Be accountable for your whereabouts!

Tardy Policy:
1. You must have a pass when you are late.
2. Hand me the pass when you first enter the classroom.
3. After giving me the pass, pick up the days handouts and go to your seat.

Policy for Leaving Early:
1. If you know you will be leaving early, let me know ahead of time.
2. Participate in the class as usual until the office calls you to go.
3. You are still responsible for any homework assignment.

Bathroom/Hall Pass Policy:
1. If you need to leave for any reason . . . bathroom, drink of water, locker, talk to a
different teacher, etc. . . you must fill out the spot in your planner for your hall
2. Students in Spanish 1 may not leave class for i-lab.
Severe Case: Exceptions will be made on a case by case basis for true

Consequences for not following policy:
1. Warning
2. Lunch detention
3. Parent contact
4. Office Referral

Las aucencias y la poliza de competar trabajo:
(Absences and make up work)
When you miss class it is your responsibility to get all missed notes, class work and

*Take responsibility for your own learning!

1. Homework that was due the missed day is due at the beginning of class the day
you get back.
2. Missed quizzes or tests will be made up during lunch time periods 5A or 5B
when you return.
3. There will be a quiz every Friday. You will have until the following Friday to make
up your quiz or test.
4. If you are absent from class the day before a quiz or test, you must still take it
the day it is given.

Consequences for not following policy:
1. The scores for the missed assignment or assessment will be a zero.
Severe Case: Exceptions will be made on a case by case basis for extended

Las clases particulars:
Tutoring will be provided during the lunch period, both 5A and 5B.
A hall pass to leave the cafeteria is required to attend these sessions.

La calificacin:
1. Quarterly grades are calculated using a computer-grading program.
2. The quarter grades are divided into five categories including the four language
skill areas: Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking; plus a fifth category,
Discrete Point, for culture, homework, and participation.
3. Each category is valued equally, 20% of the total grade.
4. In order to move on to Spanish 2, the student must pass 3 out of 4 of the
language skill areas with at least a C+or 78%.

Grading Scale:
A+ 100-98

B+ 89-88 C+ 79-78 D+ 69-68 F below 59
A 97-93

B 87-83 C 77-73 D 67-63
A- 92- 90

B- 82-80 C- 72-70 D- 62-60

*All personal or classroom issues and concerns such as
lunch passes for tutoring/make up quizzes, missed
homework/class work, bathroom needs, etc., should be
done before or after class. Not during!

Both students and parents must sign this contract to
indicate their complete understanding of class

I, ____________________________________, have read this social contract and I
agree to be an upstanding member of my Spanish class community. Furthermore I
understand not only what behaviors are inappropriate in Spanish class, but also what
consequences will happen to me if I choose to misbehave. I agree to conduct myself in
accordance with the guidelines found in this contract, and I understand that my parents
will be informed if at any time I bread the contract.

Students Signature: ________________________________ Date: _______________

I, ____________________________________, have read this social contract and I
agree to help my child become an upstanding member of his or her Spanish class
community. Furthermore I understand not only what behaviors are inappropriate in
Spanish class, but also what consequences my child will face if he or she chooses to
misbehave. I understand that I must give constant positive encouragement and support
to my child if he or she is to excel in Spanish class. I also promise to maintain an open
line of positive communication with Seora Brown throughout the school year.

School phone number: 529-7424
Sra. Browns e-mail:

Parent/Guardians Signature: _______________________________ Date _________