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Even if you have secured rights to a song and know who is in your group you still

need to explore your understanding of the music genre you will be working in.
Write down and discuss the questions in your groups:
Who are the leading artists in the genre?
What is the history of this genre?
What other genres does it connect with?
What types of music video would be typical of the genre? - performance,
narrative, concept, hybrid
How do artist from the genre represent themselves?
Who is the audience and what do they expect/want?
Is there iconography, design, lighting which is typical of the genre?, write
up your discussion and plan how you will improve your knowledge of the
genre of music through research.
You need to have 3 actions to be completed by Thursdays lessons when you will
revisit this as a group.
The actions will need to be signed off by the group and you will be accountable to
each other for completing the work.
Research and development - A2 Media