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TED Ed Lesson: How trains shaped history

Link for TED Ed video-

Summary of video
The advancement of trains and the increase in their use caused a need to standardize time in the
United States and eventually around the world.
Strand 1: American History Concept 5: Westward Expansion PO 5. Describe the impact of the
following aspects of the Industrial Revolution on the United States: a. transportation
improvements (e.g., railroads, canals, steamboats)
Objective. The students will comprehend how the United States expanded Westward by
describing how improvements in transportation shaped the Industrial Revolution.
Students will get into groups of seven and discuss what they know about Time Zones, where
they start, when in history did they start being used, etc.
Watch TED Ed video How did trains standardize time in the United States?-William Heuisler
Students will complete a short five question quiz on the facts from the video
Students will show their knowledge of where the time zones are in the United States by
illustrating where the time zones are located on a handout.

(Unted States of America Map & Worksheet, 2014)
Back in their groups of seven, six of the students will be assigned a time zone in the United
States to represent (EST, CST, MST, PST, AKST and HST). The seventh student will be
assigned to represent the train/plane crossing the country and through the different time zones.
Next the students will be given a time of day in Atlantic Standard Time (AST) and be required to
figure out what time it would be in their assigned time zone. Then as the train (Plane) passes
each time zone the student representing that zone is to give what time it is based off of the time
they were given in AST.