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Media Studies

GCSE Year 11
course overview

Already completed

Assignment 1a & 1b, 2a & 2b - 30% of overall grade

work for this term

Assignment 3a (research and planning, begun last term)

& 3b (production and evaluation) - 30% of overall grade

Spring term

Exam preparation - 40% of nal grade

CA Catch-up

for those who have not completed all CA so far

there will be catch-up sessions this term

we will be auditing this next week to give time for

you to review your portfolio and make additions as
The Week

revise media terminology

develop lm trailer ideas in groups

add to research and planning

collect together research completed so far

Terminology testing

Answer all the questions in detail in your books

Ensure that you apply the terms accurately

1. What is the difference between low key and high key lighting? (2)
2. List the ve phases of Todorovs equilibrium theory. (3)
3. List everything which might be included in mise en scene (3)
4. Which shot would you choose to observe the emotions of a character? (1)
5. What is the name of the camera shot used to show location? (1)
6. Sound heard only by the characters within the scene is called, what? (1)
7. What is the term used for creating sound effects in the studio? (1)
8. Explain what is meant by a stereotypical representation giving an example. (2)
9. Which is the odd one out and why: pan, cut, track, tilt ?(1)
10.Warner Bros is a lm institution. Name another institution and for an extra mark
give a lm that they made or distributed? (1 or 2)
Peer mark

using the mark scheme


To work in teams and review your research and

planning for your movie trailer.

To decide on three actions to be completed by

each member of the group to help develop your
research and planning.

each of you will need to assemble a portfolio of up

to 12 pages of supporting materials

only three pages maximum can be shared

research form between 5-8 pages and should

cover - analysis of trailers, genre, narrative, style,
representations, institutions, audience and
Task 1

team planning

10 minutes to audit what you have so far and make

a plan for your next steps