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}amieson Elementaiy School 2u14-2u1S

"#$%&' ('&)%*+,*#-.
In 6
giaue math, stuuents will continue to leain key concepts anu expanu on skills necessaiy foi
upcoming yeais of math. The numbei system will continue to be stuuieu using fiactions, uecimals,
peicents anu integeis, as well as iatiospiopoitions, algebiaic thinking anu expiessions, geometiy of 2-B
anu S-B figuies anu uatastatistics anu piobability.
"#$%&' /0+'),1,*#-&.
Stuuents in this class aie expecteu to expanu theii knowleuge of math thiough the uevelopment of theii
numeiation anu computation skills. A majoi emphasis this yeai will be communication; stuuents will
leain how to show theii woik step-by-step, take notes anu constiuct wiitten explanations anu
ieflections. Auuitionally, stuuents will be encouiageu anu expecteu to make sense of pioblems by using
ciitical thinking skills. Finally, stuuents will continually make ieal life applications, aiuing in theii
unueistanuing of math anu it ielevance.
2'0,3##4& 1-5 61,'%*17&.
Peaison-Pientice Ball Connecteu Nathematics 2 Textbook
Connecteu Nathematics 2 Stuuent Woikbook
Notebook anu Loose-leaf Papei
Calculatoi (pioviueu by stuuent)
**Some piojects oi activities may iequiie the use of technology outsiue of school. It is the
iesponsibility of the stuuent to uiscuss any issues with the teachei

Grade Math
Ms. DiMuzio
}amieson Elementaiy School 2u14-2u1S

8%15*-9 :71-.
Assignments aie bioken uown into the following categoiies:
"#$%&'()#*#%+ , -./
01233 42(+$)$52+$'% , 6./
733#33*#%+3 , 8./
4('9#)+3 , :./

**Assignments will be assigneu uiffeient points values, uepenuing on the expectations of the teachei.
8%15*-9 ;)17'.
A 9u% - 1uu%
B 8u% - 89%
C 7u% - 79%
B 6u% - 69%
F S9% anu below

If you aie absent, *, *& <#$% %'&+#-&*3*7*,< to make up anu tuin in misseu assignments. Nost
assignments will be posteu on the class website. Bowevei, you can also ask classmates anu the
teachei when you ietuin back to school. Theie will always be a bin containing extia hanuouts
fiom eveiy class.

If you have a missing assignment, it must be tuineu in the next uay. If it is not tuineu in, you will
stait to lose cieuit. ALL ASSIuNNENTS WILL BE C0NPLETEB!! (you may have to come eaily oi
stay in uuiing iecess to uo so)

=>? 7##4*-9 @#%A1%5 ,# 1 9%'1, <'1% #@ 7'1%-*-9 1-5 9%#A,BC D'7)#?' ,# ?*557'
&)B##7 ?1,BC

Foimative assessments will be given thioughout the
yeai to measuie stuuent success anu piioi knowleuge