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Resource Five Section A

Oral Presentation Checklist



Not Evident


Clear Topic





Eye Contact

Body Language

Hand Gestures

Voice Projection

Voice Variation

Pitch, Tone and Volume

Resource Five Section B

Information has been extracted directly form:
Wheatley, N., & Searle, K. (2011). Playground: Listening to stories from country and
from inside the heart. East Melbourne, Vic: Allen and Unwin.

Below is an example of how the Educator could further scaffold students, through modelling
the draft writing process and how to utilise the Find a Fact Template.

1. Introduction: In the introduction you need to specify your topic and outline the
varying aspects of your topic to be written on your concept map contribution and in
your oral presentation.

E.g. There are about 250 languages and perhaps another 250 dialects spoken across
the continent of Australia. Luritja is one language that will be explored, focusing on
where in Australia the language is used, who in Australia uses the language and a
selection of phrases that were discovered.

2. The body: In the body the points referenced in the introduced will be elaborated

3. Conclusion: The conclusion requires all points to be restated, further reiterating the
focus of the concept map segment and oral presentation.