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Revised: 9/19/14
Issaquah High School
Associated Student Body
Club Constitution and Bylaws

Constitution of the Chess Club of Issaquah High School

We, the students, for the promotion of good government, good sportsmanship, student
activities, and the general welfare of the students of Issaquah High School, establish this
Constitution of the Issaquah High Chess Club.

Article 1. Name of Organization
Section A. It is resolved that the name of this organization shall be the Issaquah High School
Chess Club.

Article 2. Purpose
The purposes of this organization shall be to:
Section A.
1. To promote the game of chess.
2. To achieve great heights in regional chess tournaments.
3. To organize an environment that allows for growth in the game of chess.
4. To demonstrate good sportsmanship regardless of game results.

Article 3. Meeting Frequency
The organization shall hold meetings on Tuesday in Room 3201. The organization will also
attend matches weekly in the KingCo Chess League at various high schools across King

Article 4. Membership
Section A. Membership in Chess Club is established by attending three meetings and playing
in one league game.
Section B. Membership in Chess Club is maintained by attending at least two meetings per
month and two league games per year.

Article 5. Officers and Elections
Section A: Officers
I. Officers for the club shall be:
a. President Rajat Lahiri presides over all meetings, assigns duties to club
members, maintains contact with Activity Coordinator, and responsible for
b. Vice-President/Captain Wesley Esko assists the President, and
organizes game day roster.
c. Secretary Romil Sirohi responsible for organizing club membership and
Revised: 9/19/14

Section B: Elections
I. Elections will be held in March every year. The election meeting will be
announced so all members and interested members may attend the meeting. A
majority vote of those in attendance at the election meeting will constitute an
II. To hold office, the student is required to have played at least 5 league matches
or played at least 2 state championship matches.

Article 6. Decision Making/Voting Procedure
I. Decisions about day to day club issues will be decided by majority vote by club
II. Decisions about the use of clubs funds will be decided by majority vote by club

Article 7. Amendments
Section A. This constitution shall be amended by a two-thirds majority vote of the

Adopted on this 21st day of September, 2014.