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Seven Day Discovering Unity Course

Jakarta, November 8 15, 2014
Peter Young is Principal of the Beshara School and has been involved with facilitating courses
worldwide for many years.
Contact Eva Muchtar ( and Yanti Pramudya (
Venue: Portibi Farms, Sukabumi, West Java
Cost: IDR 4,000,000 - Space is offered to the first confirmed 20 participants.
This is an immersive course based on an in-depth exploration of some of the themes that lie
at the basis of the perspective of unity. It is designed to offer a space and time for people who
wish to deepen their practice, understanding and experience of integrating the perspective of
unity into their everyday lives. The course will also give people who would like to run the seven
week Discovering Unity Evening Class the tools to do so.
The Beshara School was founded in the United Kingdom in the 1970s with the aim to provide an education that combines
between the science of unity and the art of self-discovery. It is for anyone who questions their reality, their place and
purpose in this life and who wishes to explore these questions in a supportive, open environment, in the company of others.
Beshara South East Asia organizes courses and events around Indonesia.
Discovering Unity Themes and Activities
Beginning from the Beginning V The One and the Many V Being and Consciousness VThe Human
Reality and Experience V Relationships V Closing the Shop that Sells Fishhooks VLove and Beauty
Conversation and in-depth discussion of themes.
A daily programme of study, meditation, work and devotional practice to help
establish a balanced and progressive path to self-discovery.
Mindfulness meditation which forms the foundation practice for the course,
and aligns with constancy of awareness. The course will give everyone the
opportunity to facilitate a guided group meditation.
Skills necessary for facilitating the course including conversation and listening.
Each day, we will focus on one of these themes whilst also exploring: