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Who are We?
A local chapter of the National History Club

President: Emily Abdow
Co Vice Presidents: Sarah Byun and Connor Lin
Secretary: Ashi Agrawal
Fundraiser: Megan Thoreson
Member at Large: Ben Goldstein

Club Sponsor: Mr. McCaslin!

Our website:
What we do:
Mission Statement: The National History Honor Society aims to
promote interest in history and provide a platform for historical
enrichment, learning, and community service.

A local chapter of the National History Club

We seek out and participate in history related service in our local

Our meetings have historical themes and are related to events that
occurred that month, or involve presentations of service projects (ex:
NHD projects, MLK Day projects)

Student must:
Be currently enrolled in a Social Studies course
Pay the initial membership fee ($10) this will cover a cord for
seniors, allow our club to join the National History Club, and
significantly reduce the cost of a field trip
Have at least a 3.5 weighted GPA in history classes and 3.0
unweighted GPA overall
For readmission
7 8 credits: readmitted
6: readmitted, must make up one credit
5: readmitted based on officer discretion, will have to make
up two credits

Meeting Times
Friday each month from September to May

Except: February 20th

May have people working on projects stay after

A typical meeting will run from 2:15 until 2:45
Students involved in sports can leave at 2:40 pm

Structure of Meetings
Announcements: Upcoming events and project

Historical Presentation/Project Presentation

October: Mrs. Eshmont from Howard County
Recreation and Parks will present, and Ben will talk
about National History Day
Posts on our Facebook Page
Will contain document with upcoming events, the
date, time location of each event, and the
signupgenius link

E-mail updates will also be sent out (insert our e-mail

Website: will also track
upcoming events so members without Facebook can
stay updated
Ashi will take attendance and call out the names of people she doesnt see

Only have 8 meetings, members are expected to attend ALL meetings

Excused absences: e-mail two days in advance
One excused absence is allowed without penalty
A second absence is made up by earning one credit
A third is made up by earning two credits
A fourth results in dismissal from the society

Unexcused absences: fail to notify via e-mail
One unexcused can be made up with two credits
A second will result in dismissal from the society

8 credits required for members
Baking will only count as half of a credit

10 required for officers and those who wish to hold officer positions
next year

If you sign up for an event and cannot attend notify us at least two days
in advance and unsignup, if an emergency situation emerges
exceptions will be made
Failure to notify us will result in having to complete one extra

Notify us within two weeks of signing up for a research project if you
are unable to complete it or make up two extra credits
Event Credit Opportunities
Picnic at the Park: September 21
Haunted House at PFI: October 24
and 25

Trick or Treat on Main Street: October 31

Ghost Tracking Haunted Tour at PFI: November 1

MLK Day: January 19th
Daffodil Day April 5
at Whipps Garden Cemetery
Plant Sale May 8
and 9
at Whipps Garden
Bake Sales throughout the year October, December,
February, April
Research Credit Opportunities
Depending on how involved the project is can earn
up to four credits
Ongoing individual research projects with Howard
County Historical Society
Ex: researching the genealogy of an African
American family with ancestors who attended the
Ellicott City Colored School, Restored
Anniversary of Emancipation Day in Maryland
Researching events leading up to November 1, 1864
Researching and Presenting a Project at MLK Day
January 19

Leading A Meeting
Another way to earn credits is by running a meeting (For every
month but October)
List of historical themes to choose from on website, but you
can propose your own
Groups of three to five
Presentation includes: historical presentation (PowerPoint,
Prezi), historical game/skit, historical snack
Can earn up to three credits

Can also do a mini-project on a theme from that month such as
making a video to earn

Field Trip
We are actually planning on attending a field trip this
year and will have an earlier start on planning

We will be visiting London Town and Annapolis on
an extended school day (It is likely we will stay until
4:00 pm)
Link available on Facebook Page and website after
this meeting

Applications are due September 11
and will be
reviewed by the board

Different application for new and returning members

Thank you for your Interest!
Any Questions?

This power point along with our constitution will be
on the website for your reference

You can e-mail us at any time at

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