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Name Jessica Board

Address 9 Acacia Court, Yarragon, 3823

Phone (03) 56 342 742
Mobile 0411 859 615
Education Completed Year 12 at Trafalgar High School in 2010, where I was joint
valedictorian and School Captain.
Undertaking Bachelor of Primary Education at Monash University Gippsland.
Monash University Placements
Semester One 2011- Darnum Primary School: 5 days observations rounds in
prep classroom
Semester Two 2011- Darnum Primary School: 5 days observation rounds in
3/4 and 5/6 grades
Semester One 2012- Drouin West Primary School: 10 days small group
teaching in 3/4 grade.
Semester Two 2012- Drouin West Primary School: 5 days small group and
whole class teaching in 3/4 grade.
Semester Two 2013- Morwell Park Primary School: 15 days whole class
teaching in 3/4 grade.
Semester One (Term One) 2014- Thorpdale Primary School: 24 days
including a mixture of observation, small group and whole class teaching in a
Grade 2/3/4.
Semester One (Term Two) 2014- Voluntary work at Trafalgar Primary School,
both in the Grade Prep class and Musical Futures classroom.
Other Teaching
I work as a guitar teacher and musical mentor for the Musical Futures program
at Trafalgar Primary School. During my time at Trafalgar Primary School I
have also worked as a music mentor for the Boolarra Community Music
I have had experience leading on youth camps at Mill Valley Ranch, Lake
Tyers UCA September Camp, and SUFM Beach Mission.
I have been employed as an Active After School Coach and assistant tennis
coach in Trafalgar region.
Languages I studied Indonesian up to Year Twelve, obtaining a study score of 46.
I have completed a Basic Intensive Training course in Glassers Choice
Theory and Reality Therapy. I have further completed Professional
Development for Environmental Science/Earth Science Education and Biology
Education. In 2012, I completed my Community Coach training qualification to
become an Active After Schools instructor.
In 2014 I participated in a Professional Learning session on Individual
Learning Plans (ILPs) presented by the Catholic Education Union, but also a
session run by the Australian Education Union on legal responsibilities within
the teaching profession. With regards to teaching the Cross-Curriculum
Priority of Sustainability, I have also participated in a professional learning
sessions by the Global Education Project, Cool Australia and Resource Smart
AuSSi Vic.
Strengths I believe I have had many opportunities to teach different subject areas and in
different environments- small groups, whole classes, individual tuition. I love
working with children and recognise that I learn alongside them too. My
biggest strength is that I am willing and enthusiastic to learn- I recognise that I
am a student myself in need of much experience, wisdom and practical
strategies that come from practicum placement and my mentor teacher. I am
more than willing to listen to constructive feedback and reflect on the areas of

my practice that need improvement and refinement.
I believe I need more experience teaching upper primary grades and the
relevant subject areas. In my last placement my mentor teacher didnt
believe in assessment, so I really need some experience in planning for and
implementing a variety of assessment tools. I would also appreciate some
honest feedback regarding the structure of my lessons, the effectiveness of
my communication and management strategies. I believe I need more
experience in group planning for units of work completed over longer periods
of time.
Objective for
Applied Practicum
I would really like to see an increase in my confidence as an upcoming
teacher. I hope the next year will launch me into the realities of teaching; the
hard work required and emotional/intellectual investment. I hope to
continually shape and refine my developing pedagogy, teaching in a way
which reflects my value for student collaborative construction of knowledge
and nurturing the individual identities of all pupils. I hope that as well as
gaining all this amazing experience from my time at your school, that I will also
be able to give something back through teamwork with colleagues and
participation in the school community.
Hobbies, interests,
I love music! I play guitar (electric and acoustic), piano, bass guitar, ukulele
and I sing. I have been involved in several bands over the years and continue
to teach guitar in the local area. I love the performing arts and I am further
involved in a family holiday program at Mallacoota where I also participate in
wide games and drama!
In addition to music and drama, I enjoy sport, being involved for many years in
local basketball, netball and tennis clubs. At the moment I enjoy running,
cycling and BMX racing.