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Michael Butler

EDU 528
Peer Review of E Portfolio for Nirasha Premaratne

First of all, your E Portfolio is extremely thorough and very well organized! You have

provided several examples of work that you have completed throughout the semester and their

alignment with the ISTE standards. The NETS-T page is very well done. The standards are listed

along the right side and for each standard you have listed the projects and activities that you have

done that align with them. Your use of Wetpaint for your portfolio is very well done!

For each of the projects that you have pages for, you list the alignment of ISTE standards

at the end in the reflection. Each reflection is bulleted with the standards and performance

indicators that match the respective project. Again, great job with the organization. Your

portfolio is very easy to follow and provides the viewer with a wide insight into your use of


I hope you continue your excellent use of technology to assist learning. It is clear from

your portfolio that the technology does not drive the instruction. Instead, the students’ learning

drives the instruction and the technology is used to support student learning! Very well done,