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Year 6: Persuasive Text Indigenous Australia: Culture & Land Rights

Summative Assessment
Emily Brouard S00129511
Excellent Good Satisfactory Below Satisfactory
Text Purpose
Persuasive text is very detailed
and engages the audience.
Audience is highly persuaded.
Presents many effective ideas.
Arguments are very thorough
and skilfully links with evidence.
Persuasive text is detailed and
engages audience. Persuades
throughout. Ideas and
arguments link to evidence
Consistently persuades.
Attempts to capture
audiences engagement.
Arguments link to
Persuasive text is too short. No
attempt has been made to
persuade audience and
arguments to not link to
evidence appropriately.
Text Structure and
Text contain four strong
arguments. Strong evidence to
support arguments.
Introduction engages audience.
Conclusion effectively sums up
points. Effective use of
Contains three to four
arguments with a range of
evidence to support.
Introduction is engaging.
Introduction is clear and
effective. Paragraphs for each
of the main points.
Contains three
arguments, which use
evidence to support main
points. Paragraphs for
introduction, body and
conclusion. Makes some
linking points between
1-2 arguments. No structure
evident. Evidence is not-evident
or does not link to argument.
Links between paragraphs is not

Language Features and
Effective use of persuasive
language, rhetorical questions,
and emotive and evaluative
language. Vocabulary
persuades audience effectively
and creatively.
Uses language which persuades
audience, language indicates
strong point of view. Uses a
variety of persuasive language.
Language shows attempt
in being emotive. Some
persuasive language is
used. Attempts to use
some persuasive
Persuasive language is not
evident. Simple language used.
Small vocabulary of persuasive
words used.
Grammar, Sentence
Structure and Punctuation
Sentence structure is correct
and uses many complex
sentences. Punctuation to a
high standard.
Almost all sentence structures
are correct. Uses an
appropriate amount of complex
sentences. Most punctuation is
to a high standard.
Mainly all simple
sentences. Punctuation is
Text uses very short, simple
sentences. Presents many errors
in sentences. Limited evidence
of punctuation.
Spelling Accuracy and
Majority of words spelt
correctly. Uses challenging
words to create a strong
argument. Explores difficult
letter patterns
Most spelling is correct.
Evidence of attempts to use
and spell challenging words.
Attempts to spell difficult words
to contribute to a strong
Simple words are spelt
correct, errors in spelling
challenging words.
Only uses common
Many spelling errors. Makes no
attempt to spell challenging
words correctly. Only uses very
simple words.
Year 6: Persuasive Text Indigenous Australia: Culture & Land Rights
Summative Assessment
Emily Brouard S00129511