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Writer Work

Abbe Prevost Manon Lescaut

Herman Melville Bartleby the Scrivener, Benito Cereno
Charlotte Bronte Jane Eyre
Fran !a"ka Metamor#hosis, $n the Penal Colony, %he Country
'ir(inia Wool" %o the Li(hthouse
William Faulkner Li(ht in Au(ust
Jor(e Luis Bor(es Ficciones
%ar)ei 'esaas %he $ce Palace
%ony Morrison Belove*
JM Coetee &is(race+
Arnol* Weinstein 'ision an* ,es#onse in Mo*ern Literature, Fictions
o" the sel"- .//0 1 .200, %he Fiction o" ,elationshi#, 3obo*y4s Home- S#eech, Sel"
an* Place in American Fiction "rom Ha5thorne to &eLillo, A Scream 6oes %hrou(h
the House- What Literature %eaches 7s about Li"e, ,ecoverin( 8our Story- Proust,
Joyce, Wool", Faulkner, Morrison, 3orthern Arts- %he Breakthrou(h o" Scan*inavian
Literature an* Art "rom $bsen to Ber(man, Mornin( 3oon an* 3i(ht- Fin*in( the
Meanin( o" Li"e4s Sta(es %hrou(h Books+
3orthern Arts 5as name* by %he Atlantic as runner u# "or Best Book o" 900:+
Mornin(, 3oon an* 3i(ht 5as nominate* "or a Puliter Prie in non;ction in 90.9+
Com#uter 3et5orks- /th e*ition by %anenbaum an*
&r+Braunstein Health $n"ormatics in the clou*+
8ual 3oah Harari From Animals into 6o*s- A Brie" history o"
Humankin* <90.9=, S#ecial >#erations in the A(e o" Chivalry, ..00 1 .//0 <900?=@
%he 7ltimate EA#erience- Battle;el* ,evelations an* the makin( o" mo*ern 5ar
culture, .B/0 1 9000 <9002=+
Cachon, 6erar*, Christian %er5iesch, Matchin( Su##ly 5ith &eman*- An $ntro*uction
to >#erations Mana(ement , Cr* e*ition, $r5in 1 Mc6ra5 Hill, 90.9 <$SB3 :?21
00?C/9/90B, /0? #a(es=
%he $nnovators &3A- Masterin( the ;ve skills o" *isru#tive inovators by JeD &yer, Hal
6re(ersen, Clayton M+ Christensen