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Learning Experience Plan 5

Lesson Focus
Observation of familiar places
around the community -
Investigating the places that
people live in
Learning Area / Strand
Geography- People live in
Year Level
Date - September
60 minutes
Prior knowledge of learners (What do they already know?)
Students are able to identify the features of a familiar place
Learners recognise why some places are special to people
Places can be represented on maps and the globe
Lesson objective/s
The reasons why some places are special to people, and how they can be looked after (ACHGK004)
Evidence of learning
How our special places can be looked after (designing a care plan for our home and the
environment around us Group tasks)
Students reflect on their learning to suggest ways that they are able to care for the familiar
Resource Package Five consists of the following parts:
Observation of Familiar Places worksheets x 2
Geography Bulletin Board
Digital Camera Students use to take photos at The Heritage Village
Interactive Whiteboard

the topic
of the
1. Teacher introduces the focus of the lesson Observations of familiar places in
the community following on from the most recent lesson.
2. Students are encouraged to discuss with a partner the following questions:
Which features are similar between the wooden cottage and my home?
Which features are different between the wooden cottage and my
Lesson Body
the content
3. Students are given the first Familiar Places worksheet and asked to complete
this task individually
4. Teacher hands out the second worksheet allowing them to complete
5. Students are directed to glue these worksheets into the Geography note book
and sit on the carpet quietly
6. Teacher begins class discussion by asking one student what they thought the
similarities and different features between both familiar places
7. The class is divided into groups of four, the teacher introduces craft materials to
the students such as cotton wool, string, paddle pop sticks, crayons etc and
students are asked to create a poster to display how they would care for their
special place. The following factors are to be answered:
Learning Experience Plan 5

What would you use?
What attitude would you have towards the equipment at that place?
What are the rules of care for your place that you would display at the
front door?
(Teacher Aides are also in the classroom to assist students/teacher
8. Pack up time, students are prompted to clear their areas and clean up materials
they have used
the lesson
9. The teacher settles the students by transitioning them to sit back on the carpet
10. Teacher selects each group to display their poster to the whole class, explaining
the care rules that they have created for their special place.
11. Posters are hung up on the Bulletin Board The board is now complete with all
of the terms work displayed.
Evaluation / Reflection