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Historical Context:
The Statue of Liberty stands on a small island in New York harbor. This statue is a symbol of Americas historic
role as a haven for immigrants from all over the world, yearning to breathe free.! "n the late #$
century and
early %&
century millions of immigrants entered the 'nited States.
"n earlier times, immigrants had been generally welcomed. (ut by the late #$&&s, with such huge numbers arriving,
many Americans began to grow an)ious. *any +eo+le began to wonder if the +resence of so many foreigners might
weaken our society. They worried that it would be im+ossible to assimilate so many immigrants into American
society. ,ew of the new immigrants could s+eak -nglish. The fact that most of the immigrants were -astern
.rthodo), /atholic, or 0ewish at a time when the vast ma1ority of American were 2rotestant was troubling for
many as well.
2eo+le began to s+eak out against out liberal immigration +olicies, arguing that we needed laws that would limit
immigration. *any +eo+le and grou+s discriminated against immigrants in various ways. And some grou+s began to
o+enly e)+ress their hatred and fear of immigrants. The +eo+le who o++osed immigration were called nativists,!
and their anti3immigrant beliefs were referred to as nativism.!
o Carefully read each primary source
As you read underline key phrases and words, and make brief notes in the margins.
o Answer the question(s) following each document.
o Use the documents to answer the final question at the end.
Cite your source for each reason.
Document 1
1) What natiist arguments are stated in this document!
") Consider the source of this statement. Who wrote it! What unstated concern do you suspect is the real
reason why this group opposed Chinese immigration!
Document 2
4(56 The Nativist 7es+onse to "mmigration
#) What $diseases% did &trong 'lame on immigrants! Why is he against these new immigrants!
Document 3
() According to )rant, how were the new immigrants different from earlier immigrant groups!
Document 4
*) According to the author of this article, what was the greatest danger of these new immigrants!
Document 5
+) What, according to &enator ,odge, was the greatest danger of unrestricted immigration!
Document 6
-) What was the goal of this school for immigrants!
.) What might 'e other ways that Americans might try and $Americani/e% the new immigrants!
8hy did American nativist grou+s o++ose the free,
unrestricted immigration of the new! immigrants9
'se the documents to +rove your answer
&ample0 As document 1 shows one reason some American opposed these new immigrants1..