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Kim Fischer
Professor Navarro
Communication 180
26 September 2014
Informative Speech Outine
!ite"!opic# $ffects of coffee has on an in%ivi%ua
Specific Purpose# !o teach the isteners the effects of %rin&in' caffeine( especia) coffee( on a re'uar
!hesis Statement# +ou ma) have hear% that too much caffeine is not particuar) 'oo% for )ou( especia) at
such a )oun' a'e( but I am 'oin' to te )ou the positive benefits of %rin&in'
coffee as a
coe'e stu%ent*
I* /ttention 0etter# 1e a &no2 that feein' 2hen )ou3re )in' in be% in the mornin' an% )ou &no2 that )ou
nee% to start 'ettin' rea%) for )our 8 am but )ou can3t seem to fin% the stren'th to actua) 'et up* /n% the
on) thin' that fina) encoura'es )ou to 'et up is the thou'ht of havin' that cup of coffee that 4uic&)
chan'es )our moo% an% ma&es )ou fee imme%iate) ener'i5e%* It ma) ta&e 2 or 6 cups but eventua) 2e
a 'et our fi7 of caffeine to push us throu'h the %a)*
II* !hesis Statement# +ou ma) have hear% that too much caffeine is not particuar) 'oo% for )ou( especia) at
such a )oun' a'e( but I am 'oin' to te )ou the positive benefits of %rin&in' coffee as a coe'e stu%ent*
III* Overvie2 of 8ain Points# /thou'h too much of an)thin' can become unheath) at a certain point(
mo%erate coffee %rin&ers obtain the benefits of improve% ener') eves( o2er eves of %epressions(
enhance% ph)sica performance( an% a %ecrease% ris& of %ementia* 90unnars:
I;* <ac&'roun% Information# /s an avi% coffee %rin&er m)sef( I 2as thorou'h) pease% to earn about the
positive effects of m) coffee consumption*
I* I3m sure man) of )ou can reate to the feein' of ener') an% motivation after )ou finish that first cup of the
%a)* <efore )ou ma) have fet %ro2s) or tire% an% no2( amost imme%iate)( )ou notice a %rastic chan'e*
/* /ccor%in' to me%ica stu%ent an% persona trainer Kris 0unnars coffee can ea% to improve%
=memor)( moo%( vi'iance( ener') eves( reaction times an% 'enera co'nitive function>
i* !he reason this effect ta&es pace is because the caffeine in coffee boc&s a
neurotransmitter in the brain that ea%s to a stimuant effect* 90unnars:*
ii* !he effect ta&es pace ver) rapi%) so )ou %on3t have to 2ait a on' time to fee the
chan'e i&e )ou 2ou% if )ou 2ere ta&in' a me%ication*
9!ransition:? In a%%ition of the boost of ener') )ou receive( coffee can actua) hep fi'ht %epression*
II* /ccor%in' to the //,P( there 2as a @arvar% stu%) con%ucte% that monitore% about A1(000 femae nurses
an% their coffee habits 9Sa'on:*
/* !he nurses 2ho %ran& t2o to three cups of coffee a %a) ha% a 1A percent o2er ris& of %epression
compare% to those 2ho on) %ran& one cup a 2ee&* In a%%ition( those 2ho %ran& four or more
cups %ai) ha% a 20 percent o2er ris&* 9Sa'on:*
<* !he reason 2omen 2ere the focus of this stu%) is because %epression affects near) t2ice as man)
2omen as it %oes men* In fact( one out of ever) five 2omen 2i suffer %epression %urin' her
ifetime 9Sa'on:*
i* <ut there 2as a sma stu%) pubishe% b) the /rchives of Interna 8e%icine that foun%
men can achieve the same outcome of %ecrease% %epression ris& from %rin&in' coffee*
9!ransition:? Some peope attribute these benefits to the soe fact that coffee is one of the heathiest
bevera'es in the 2estern %iet( accor%in' to 0unnars*
III* In fact( the /merican Chemica Societ) cas it the number one source of antio7i%ants for /mericans*
/* !hese antio7i%ants that 2e receive provi%e a number of important heath benefits( incu%in'
protection a'ainst heart %isease( cancer( t)pe 2 %iabetes( an% Par&insonBs %isease* 9CCoffee Is
Number One Source of /ntio7i%ants>:*
i* Coffee is so crucia to the amount of antio7i%ants 2e receive because of the
amount per servin' an% the fre4uenc) that 2e consume it*
<* 0unnars e7pains that another 2a) it improves )our heath is b) stimuatin' the nervous s)stem(
causin' it to sen% si'nas to the fat ces in )our bo%) to brea& %o2n bo%) fat*
C* !he caffeine aso increases /%renaine eves in the boo%( 2hich is the =fi'ht or fi'ht> hormone*
/%renaine is %esi'ne% to prepare our bo%ies for intense ph)sica e7ertion 90unnars:*
i* <ecause of this it is reporte% that coffee can increase ph)sica performance b) 11?12D
9!ransition:? Coffee has aso been proven to re%uce the ris& of %ementia or /5heimer3s %isease in o%er
I;* /5heimer3s %isease is the most common neuro%e'enerative %isease an% it most) affects peope over the
a'e of 6A 90unnars:*
/* /thou'h there is no &no2n cure( there is a %efinite correation bet2een %rin&in' coffee an% not
attractin' the %isease*
i* 0unnars reports that 6AD of coffee %rin&ers have a o2er ris& of 'ettin' /5heimer3s
9!ransition:? / of these benefits that 2e have covere%( an% more( prove Eust ho2 usefu coffee %rin&in'
can be in our ever)%a) ives*
I* !he nature of bein' a coe'e stu%ent promises that 2e 2i have to pu a?ni'hters an% 'et up ear) for
casses( so 2h) not use a natura substance to our a%vanta'e* 1h) 2ou%n3t )ou 2ant to fee happier in the
mornin'( have a o2er ris& of %epression( improve )our ph)sica abiities( an% re%uce )our ris& of
II* !hese benefits of %rin&in' coffee on a re'uar basis are too important to overoo&*
III* /thou'h an)thin' in e7cess can be unheath)( as on' as )ou use sef?contro )ou 2i be abe to ream the
re2ar%s of coffee %rin&in'*
CCoffee Is Number One Source of /ntio7i%ants*C Coffee Is Number One Source of Antioxidants* N*p*( 2H /u'* 200A*
1eb* 24 Sept* 2014*
First( /man%a* C!he -rin& !hat Fi'hts -epression*C Prevention* N*p*( 8ar* 2016* 1eb* 24 Sept* 2014*
0unnars( Kris* C!op 16 $vi%ence?<ase% @eath <enefits of Coffee*C Authority Nutrition* N*p*( n*%* 1eb* 26 Sept*
Sa'on( Can%)* C@ave /nother Cup# Coffee Cuts -epression ,is& in 1omen*C AARP* N*p*( 2H Sept* 2011* 1eb* 24
Sept* 2014*