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Becoming a plastic

Job description
plastic surgeon- they correct physical defects and they rebuild parts of the
body that have been damaged by a decease.
to become a plastic surgeon you have to complete 5-7 years of general
surgery, and complete another 2-3 years of plastic and reconstructive

Knowledge and skills
the thing that are extremely important are business and management,
and health service.
The ones that are very important are engineering and technology,
mathematics and science, education and training, and art and
The skills that are very important are content, process, social skills, complex
problem solving skills, and system skills.
The abilities that are very important are verbal abilities, idea generation &
reasoning abilities, perceptual abilities, attentiveness, fine manipulative
abilities, visual abilities, auditory & speech abilities.
They Operate on patients to correct deformities, repair injuries, prevent
and treat diseases, or improve or restore patients' functions.
They also direct and coordinate activities of nurses, assistants, specialists,
residents, and other medical staff.

Work values
The highest work value is associated with jobs that let workers use their best abilities, see the results of their
efforts and get the feeling of accomplishment.
The second highest is associated with jobs which offer workers good possibilities for advancement, prestige, or
the potential for leadership.
The third highest is associated with jobs where workers are allowed to do things on their own initiative, and
where they can make decisions on their own.
The fourth highest is associated with jobs where pay, job security, and good working conditions are important
to workers. Some people like to be busy all the time, or work alone, or have many different things to do, and
jobs with this work value typically allow them to take best advantage of their particular work style.
The fifth highest is associated with jobs where co-workers are friendly and workers are able to be of service to
others. This Work Value is associated with jobs where workers are not made to do anything that goes against
their sense of right and wrong.
The lowest value is associated with jobs where the company stands behind its workers and where the workers
are comfortable with management's style of supervision. These companies typically have a reputation for
competent, considerate, and fair management.
Labor market
The hourly wages were $98.77 but it was in 2013. the labor market is about
where there are jobs available and how much they pay you.
A plastic surgeon starts $323,434 based on the years of work experience.
An entry plastic surgeon earns an annual salary of about $237,000 when a
top earning plastic surgeon earns about $820,000 per year.