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Information Literacy
Laura Kanwisher

Assignment 1: Information Literacy
2. The article I found on Tech Crunch describes Apples response to the leaking
of many celebrities private photos. In Apples statement, they deny any
breach in their system, but say that hackers using phishing techniques
compromised celebrity accounts. Apple then gives advice for password
3. I searched apples icloud privacy problems in both Google and Bing. I think
that Bings results were better because the titles of the articles were more
specific and easier to understand.
Time- The article The Apple phish are flying was written on September
19, 2014.
Relevance- This article does relate to my original article. It discusses how
people are focusing on Apple in phishing emails. These emails say thing
like your account us about to expire in the attempt to get people to put in
their Apple IDs.
Authority- Larry Seltzer is the author of this article. At the bottom of the
page it states that Seltzer has long been a recognized expert in technology,
with a focus on mobile technology and security in recent years. I believe
he is qualified o be writing about this topic.
Accurate- The information is supported because he puts a picture of a fake
email he was sent and he describes how he knew it was fake.
Purpose- The article was written to inform readers that people are sending
fake emails to get information.
5. Articles found through CCBC library databases:
I used the database ProQuest to find an article titled Dramatic increase in
phishing scams as criminals target Apple IDs. Then I used the database
ProQuest again to find the article Apple phishing attacks up. I used the
keywords Apple phishing to find these related articles.
I used the database ProQuest Central because its a collection of journals,
magazines and newspapers. And because my topic is more recent and
involves celebrities I thought this would give me articles closer to my
6. I believe that the articles I found using search engines were more helpful to me. It
took a lot less time to just pull up Bing or Google and search a specific topic. To
use the library databases it took me a lot longer to open it and find a database I
wanted to use. Even after I found a database, the results werent all that helpful.

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