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To understand the meaning of educational technology, we
must know first the meaning of technology. The word
technology comes from the Greek word which means craft or
People think that technology refers only to machines such
as computers, tv, videos, and the like. All these form part of
technology but educational technology is all these and more!
Technology is not just machines. It is a planned, systematic
method of working to achieve planned outcomes- a process not
a product. Technology is the applied side of scientific
development. Technology refers to all ways the people use
their inventions and discoveries to satisfy their needs and
desires (The World Book Encyclopedia, Vol.19),so educational
technology refers to how people use their inventions and
discoveries to satisfy their educational needs and desires such
as learning.
Educational technology is a field study which is concerned
with the practice of using educational methods and resources
for the ultimate goal of facilitating the learning process ( Lucido
and Borabo,1997). As a field, it operates within the total field of
Educational technology is a very broad term.
There are other terms that are associated with educational
A. Technology in Education-is the application of
technology to any of those processes involved in
operating the institutions which the house the
educational enterprise.
B. Instructional Technology- is a part of educational
technology. It refers to those aspects of educational
technology that are concerned with the instruction as
contrasted to designs and operations of educational
institutions. It is a systematic way of designing,
carrying out, and evaluating the total process of
learning and teaching in terms of specific objectives.
(Lucido and Borabo, 1997 ).
C. Technology Integration - means using learning
technologies to introduce, reinforce, supplement and
extend skills.( Williams, ed. 2000). Is part and parcel
of instructional technology, which in turn is a part of
educational technology .
D. Educational Media - are channels or avenues or
instruments of communications.

Educational technology plays a vital role in education. It is
the other way to facilitate learning. It will aid to the
teacher to deliver the subject content more interesting
and meaningful.