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Dig It! Exhibition

Follow the directions to navigate your way through the online exhibition of
Dig It! ut together by the !mithsonian" The bold text mean you need
to answer a question or write something down.
#o to this web site$ htt$%%forces"si"edu%soils%&'_&&_&&"html
(ead the introduction titled !i)ing * !oils
+lic, on -he .ig /icture and ta,e the 0ui)1 if you miss a 2uestion clic, on
the 3earn 4ore and learn about the toic"
What is one interesting fact about soil that you learned from the
+lic, on !tate !oil 4onoliths clic, on -exas then choose ' other states and
read about their soil" What is a Fun Fact about Texas soil? Students at
texas anm learn about soil
What is in the soil of one other state? Tell me the name of the state.
New york
What is so secial about the soil of one other state? Tell me the
name of the state! it needs to be di"erent from Texas! and the state
in the question abo#e.
+lic, on 5hat is !oil read through all 6 ages and answer these 2uestions"
$ teasoon of good farm soil contains u to %& billon %%%%%%%%%%%%%
bacteria in more than '((( secies.
Soil is the %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% of the earth. Soils are %%%%%%%%%%%%%%! they
are born! they age! they breathe.
What are the ingredients of soil?
7n age 8 watch the +hef9s +hallenge video"
What is the today)s secret ingredient?sand
Who are the *udges?methan man turtle and the bird
7n age : clic, on the (ecie .oo, read some of the di;erent soil recies"
-hen clic, on the !oil ingredients ta,e the 2ui) to see if you can determine
the ma,eu of di;erent tyes of soils"
What + of ingredients make u ,esert Soil?
-oamy Soil?
/eaty 0og?
(ead age 6" What does 1-23/T stand for?
+lic, on +hi o; the 7ld .loc, read through all < ages"
4.+ of the earth)s crust is made of *ust eight elements. What are
Texture in5uences a soil)s caacity to
7n age < lay the +olor 4atching game"
6ray.0lue.6reen 7
3ed.8ellow.2range 7
+lic, on !oil Forming Factors read through all < ages" 7n age ' lay the
=idden =ori)ons game"
,escribe the $ horizon.
What is a monolith?
7n age : clic, on the Earth !,in -yes" ,escribe 9ltisols.
What tye of soil is in our area?
7n age < clic, lay the 5here in the !oil 5orld are >ou"
The 5i 5o is in the %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% soil tye.
The sur is in the %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% soil tye.
The mammoth tusk is in the %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% soil
+lic, on 4atters of 3ife and Death1 read through all < ages"
Not all forms of life need oxygen to breathe. What other things can
microorganisms use?
,escribe some of the characteristics of -ichens.
+lic, on *nderneath it ?ll1 read through all 6 ages" 7n age @ clic, on the
*nderneath it ?ll lin, to dig dee and examine the e;ects our choices have
on soil"
What are some of the things that you may :nd in the Washington!
,.1. soil samle?
What are some of the things that you may :nd in the Terra /reta
Soil of the $mazon?
7n age 8" What is an increasing roblem caused by global
7n age :" What was wrong with the soil in Fredericksburg! ;irginia?
+lic, on 5ise +hoices read through all A ages"
Soils are renewable but<
,escribe some of the new technology that hels manage soil
=ow is the >illennium ;illages /ro*ect restoring soil fertility?
+lic, on ? 5orld of !oils1 read through all < ages" 7n age @ watch the
!oil$ -he secret Ingredient video"
7n age 8" ,e:ne loess?
-he secrets of soils are the secrets of our lives"