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Community Partnership

Team Member : Akhsani, Aulia Recky, Dheanda, Wildand

Community Target : Food Vendors
Goals! :
"# To identi$y %roblems e&isting in $ood 'endors
(# To create better understanding bet)een $ood 'endors and %eo%le
*# To accommodate both %arties interests, $ood 'endors and %eo%le
surrounding, as )ell as %ro'ide )in+)in solutions#
,lace -tudy Case : Food 'endors around dr# -ard.ito /os%ital, 0og.akarta
This %lace )ill actuali1e the role model o$ %ro%er e&am%les on
ho) $ood 'endor is su%%osed to be# 2t is located nearby
hos%ital and Gad.ah Mada 3ni'ersity as both %laces ha'e no
doubt in %lacing e&%ediency standard o$ $ood#
,roblems! identi4ed :
"# Tra5c6 messy %arking o$ 'ehicles in )hich sto% and go in both side o$ road#
(# -anitation6 7uality o$ $oods ser'ed, cleanliness o$ %lace and e7ui%ment, bad
)aste management#
*# Chaos6 terrible arrangement o$ booths
-ol'encys! %ro%osed :
"# Redesign6
We are about to redesign the booths in order to look good and )ell+managed#
2t also has to meet standard o$ sanitation# We 4nd any s%onsorshi% a'ailable
such as $ood com%anies to hel% building booths and do %romoting by all at
(# ,arking Management6
,arking )ill be allocated inside o$ hos%ital as there is %arking lots and
building a'ailable inside# We )ill also educate and sociali1e the seller to
coo%erate in omitting all $orm o$ %arking along the road#
*# Waste Management6
As crucial %art to consider, )aste management needs to be the concern )hile
redesigning the $ood 'endor booths#