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Peer Coaching Reflection Sheet !

Staff Member 2 (LV)

Please fill in the boxes: you can type or handwrite your responses.
Thank you!

1. Which iPad/technology skill were you learning more about?

SEQTA marksbook
2. What sort of assistance did you seek?

Help to set up marks book in assessment groups for upper school where the
information in a visual arts course is complex and needs to be separated into
written and visual components.
3. How did you practice your skills?

Use the spreadsheets daily to enter data, provide feedback to students and
receive feedback from them. This data can be used directly for report
4. What was the outcome of your new skill (in the classroom, in
record-keeping, etc)

Better and speedier communication with students and parents. Issues are
identified immediately and everyone is informed. other teachers and staff can
also view information making assessment very transparent.

5. What is the next step for you in regards to your technology skills?

Continue to explore the potential in SEQTA which is a comprehensive
software package with many extremely useful functions.