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Peer Coaching Reflection Sheet - Staff Member 1- GG

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Thank you!

1. Which iPad/technology skill were you learning more about?

Being able to use a number of applets to allow students to make an IMovie.
Ie From Keynote then to Explain Everything then make a Movie that has narration
added to place onto an IMovie which can also be edited and added to.
Also looking at other applets that can also be used to do the same process ie
Notability and Tellegami

2. What sort of assistance did you seek?

Received initial assistance from the E-coordinator at the college at going through
the process (peer coaching) but then mostly working it out myself. Did seek help
from time to time when I can across stumbling blocks that were taking too much
time to work out.
3. How did you practice your skills?

Just keep persisting and going through the process again and again until it comes
familiar. Ie get into the sand pit and learn yourself.
I found also that teaching others the process help to motivate myself to learn
more and to develop the skills more. The PD session in which I presented the
process of making an Imovie using other applets really motivated me to learn the
skills and applications of the skills and hopefully motivate others to also use the
Also explaining the process to students also helped.
4. What was the outcome of your new skill (in the classroom, in record-
keeping, etc)
Allows the students to make more viable Imovies / keynotes etc . ( less chance of
copying). So more valid and the outcome was better constructed Imovies that
they the students have learned more from rather than just cut and paste and
using the applet themselves.
Also they were more creative and involved.
5. What is the next step for you in regards to your technology skills?

Just keep exploring ways to use technology to implement viable skills for the
students to learn and to be challenged.
This includes looking at new applets and seeing how the can be used within the
classroom setting that serves the students.
There are a number of applets that I am also exploring.