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!"#$%& !($%&) !*+,"-,%.

* /0**&1 2,,%345*46 7*6-%$,

!"+0(,*8 1o advocaLe Lhe supporL of, agalnsL, or change ln a currenL pollcy and/or
soclal behavlor.

9*43618 8-9 mlnuLes (yes l wlll be Llmlng you and yes lL wlll lmpacL your polnL LoLal)

!(%46,8 173 polnLs LoLal (23 of your flnal grade)

Speech: 123 polnLs
lull senLence ouLllne/vlsual ald: 23 polnLs

2,,%345*46 7*6-%$,:

:(-$,8 8emember Lhe goals of persuaslve speaklng:
o 1o lnfluence Lhe bellefs, aLLlLudes, values, or acLlons of oLhers
o 1o emphaslze Lhe beneflL of maklng Lhe proposed change
o 1o [usLlfy your poslLlon Lhrough Lhe use of sLrong supporLlng evldence
o 1o ask for commlLmenL from your audlence and Lo do so speclflcally
?our speech should saLlsfy !"" of Lhese fundamenLal goals. Also be sure Lo choose a Loplc
LhaL ls beneflclal Lo your audlence - one LhaL offers a fresh perspecLlve or valuable
lnformaLlon LhaL we can all make use of and beneflL from!
;"$$ /*46*4&* <"6$%4*,8 ?ou musL Lurn ln your full-senLence ouLllne Lo your lnsLrucLor
!"#$" Lo dellverlng your speech aL Lhe very beglnnlng of class. 1hls ls Lo be Lyped and
sLapled LogeLher neaLly wlLh your full name clearly lndlcaLed. lallure Lo Lurn ln your
ouLllne wlll resulL ln your recelvlng zero polnLs for Lhls asslgnmenL, perlod - no
excepLlons wlll be made.
=(6*&-+>,8 ?ou wlll be requlred Lo speak from noLecards only. ?ou wlll noL be allowed Lo go
Lo Lhe podlum wlLh full-page ouLllnes or manuscrlpLs. noLecards need Lo have key words
only, unless a speclflc quoLe or sLaLlsLlc needs Lo be read.
?%,"-$ 2%>,8 vlsual alds are requlred for Lhls asslgnmenL. ?ou may use owerolnL or rezl
(no keynoLe.) lease be sure Lo emall me Lhe flle or brlng lL lnLo class wlLh you on a flash
drlve. Make sure you LesL Lhese before your speech! We do noL have any Llme Lo
accommodaLe for Lechnlcal problems.
@%5*8 lf you exceed 10 mlnuLes l wlll ask you Lo sLop. ?ou wlll recelve a 2-polnL deducLlon
for every 10 seconds you are ouLslde Lhe Llme llmlL (above or below.) lease be very
mlndful of Lhls as we are on a LlghL schedule wlLh a large class and lL ls lmperaLlve LhaL
everyone be allowed adequaLe Llme Lo speak. l do noL wanL Lo have Lo cuL you off buL lf
need be, l wlll.
!+*0-+-6%(48 ln order Lo recelve credlL for Lhls asslgnmenL, you musL be presenL and
ready Lo speak on Lhe day you are asslgned Lo speak. lf you do noL show up, you wlll
recelve zero polnLs.
!+(A*,,%(4-$%,5: lease do noL be laLe, dlsrupLlve, lnaLLenLlve, or leave early ln order Lo
recelve full credlL on your speech and on your semesLer parLlclpaLlon grade. 8e ln
professlonal dress on Lhe day you are speaklng.
/0*-B%43 7-),8 ?ou wlll slgn up for a speclflc speaklng day. lease noLlfy me aL leasL a
week ln advance of LhaL daLe lf an emergency arlses (Lhls does noL lnclude anoLher
asslgnmenL from anoLher class) ln whlch you need Lo move your speech daLe. CLherwlse,
feel free Lo Lrade speaklng daLes wlLh classmaLes lf need be. lease lnform me of any
changes LhaL you and anoLher sLudenL agree Lo make.