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A. Identitas
1. Nama Sekolah : SMA Negeri 4 Surakarta
2. Mata Pelajaran : Bahasa Inggris
3. Kelas/Semester : XI/1
4. Keterampilan bahasa : Reading
5. Genre : Narrative
6. Alokasi Waktu : 1 x 45 menit

B. Standar Kompetensi
5. Memahami makna teks fungsional pendek dan esei berbentuk narrative dalam konteks
kehidupan sehari-hari dan untuk mengakses ilmu pengetahuan.

C. Kompetensi Dasar
5.2 Merespon makna dan langkah retorika dalam esei yang menggunakan ragam bahasa
tulis secara akurat, lancar dan berterima dalam konteks kehidupan sehari-hari dan untuk
mengakses ilmu pengetahuan dalam teks berbentuk narrative.

D. Indikator
Pada akhir pembelajaran ini, peserta didik diharapkan dapat:
1. Menjelaskan rujukan (reference) yang ada dalam teks;
2. Menyebutkan informasi rinci dalam teks, baik yang tersirat maupun tersurat;

E. Materi Pembelajaran
(Terlampir: Lampiran 1)
F. Metode Pembelajaran
Three Phase Techniques

G. Prosedur Pembelajaran
1. Kegiatan Awal (10)
a. Memberi salam
b. Berdoa (optional)

c. Mengecek kehadiran siswa
d. Mereview pelajaran sebelumnya
e. Mengetengahkan topik pelajaran
f. Menjelaskan tujuan pelajaran
g. Menjelaskan manfaat pelajaran

2. Kegiatan Inti (30)
Tahap Kegiatan Guru Kegiatan Siswa
Pre-reading 1. Menuliskan di papan tulis
Genie-us, dan menanyakan
kepada siswa pendapat
mereka tentang makna kata
yang dituliskan di papan
2. Menunjukkan kepada siswa
gambar yang bekaitan
dengan teks yang akan
dibaca, kemudian
memberikan pertanyaan
lebih lanjut untuk
memberikan pandangan
kepada siswa tentang teks
yang akan dibaca.
3. Meminta salah satu siswa
siswa membaca paragraf
pertama dari teks Genie-us.
4. Menanyakan kepada siswa
bagaimana teks tersebut
nantinya, akan berakhir
dengan happy ending atau
sad ending.
5. Meminta siswa untuk
membuat grup
1. Menjawab pertanyaan dari
guru tentang pertanyaan
sesuai tulisan yang ada di
papan tulis yang ditunjukkan.

2. Menjawab pertanyaan dari
guru tentang pertanyaan
sesuai gambar yang

3. Salah satu membaca paragraf
pertama dari teks Genie-us.

4. Menjawab pertanyaan guru
tentang teks nantinya.

5. Membentuk grup yang
beranggotakan 4-5 orang.

beranggotakan 4-5 orang.
6. Memberitahukan kepada
siswa vocabulary yang akan
muncul pada teks dan
meminta siswa mencari
makna vocabulary tersebut
bersama teman satu
7. Menanyakan kepada siswa
tenses apa yang akan
muncul pada teks,
menekankan pada
penggunaan verb bentuk

6. Mencocokkan vocabulary
dengan makannya di teks.

7. Menjawab pertanyaan guru
tenses apa yang akan muncul
pada teks

1. Meminta siswa untuk
membaca teks berjudul
Genie-us dan memberikan
pertanyaan seputar teks
yang diberikan dan
meminta siswa untuk
mencocokkan tebakan
mereka dengan membaca
2. Menanyakan kepada siswa
apakah tebakan mereka
benar jika benar pada
bagian mana itu benar dan
jika salah bagian mana itu
3. Meminta siswa untuk
mengerjakan latihan
latihan dengan teman
sekelompok mereka
1. Membaca teks berjudul
Genie-us serta menjawab
pertanyaan untuk teks
tersebut mencocokkan
tebakan mereka dengan teks
yang dibaca.

2. Menjawab pertanyaan guru
tentang tebakan mereka.

3. Mengerjakan latihan dengan
teman satu kelompok.

3. Kegiatan Akhir (5)
a. Meringkas pelajaran.
b. Melakukan refleksi.
c. Memberikan tugas.
d. Menyiapkan pelajaran yang akan datang.
e. Memberi salam penutup.

H. Alat Bantu/Media Pembelajaran
Alat bantu pembelajaan yang digunakan dalam pembelajaran ini adalah work sheet, power
point, LCD projector, dan laptop.

I. Sumber Pembelajaran
Making reading communicative_Teaching English_British Council_BBC.htm

mengenai teks tersebut.
1. Memberikan pertanyaan
kepada siswa :
Did you like reading
Have you ever read any
fairy tales that have a
similar story like this one?
How is it different?
Whats your favourite
fairy tale?
2. Memberi penjelasan lebih
lanjut kepada para siswa
berkenaan dengan jawaban
atas tugas-tugas tersebut.
1. Menjawab pertanyaan dari

2. Menyimak penilaian guru
atas kinerja mereka, dan
memberikan tanggapan

J. Penilaian
1. Jenis Penilaian : Formatif
2. Teknik Penilaian : Tertulis
3. Alat Penilaian : Terlampir (lampiran 2)
4. Kunci Jawaban : Terlampir (lampiran 2)
5. Rubrik Penilaian : Terlampir (lampiran 2)

Surakarta, 5 November 2013

Guru Pamong Mahasiswa PPL,

Drs.Suharno Madiana Laela
NIP. 195407171979031012 NIM. K2210049

A. Text
by Louise Cooper
If you want to marry my daughter,' said the king, 'you must prove yourself
worthy of her hand. 'Anything!' cried the poor young man. 'I love the princess, and I
will brave any peril for her!' The princess stood behind the throne, crying. 'Right
then,' said the king. 'You must climb to the top of the Ice Mountain, and fetch the
magic lamp that a wicked rival stol e from me.' I ll do it!' the young man declared,
and rushed from the throne room. The king chuckled. 'That's fixed him! The cheek of
it - poor as a church mouse, and weedy too, and he thinks he's good enough to marry
my daughter!

Well, he won't be back! The princess was still crying. The young man might
have been poor and weedy, but his love for the princess gave him courage. He
struggled up the freezing, slippery slopes of the Ice Mountain. And he found the
wicked rival's hideaway, where the magic lamp was hidden. (Luckily, the rival was
away at the time.) Holding the lamp, he wondered what sort of magic it could do. You
were supposed to rub magic lamps, weren't you?

Well, then . . .He rubbed the lamp. And WHOOSH! A cloud of purple
smoke burst out, and a genie appeared. The genie was tall and handsome and proud.
He said, 'Who are you?' 'I'm a poor young man who loves the princess. And when I
take the magic lamp, with you in it, back to the king, he'll let me marry her,' said the
young man happily. 'In your dreams!' snorted the genie. He reached out and grabbed
the young man. 'I've been in that lamp for a hundred years,and I'm fed up with it! So
you can take my placein you go!' And with another puff of smoke, the young man
vanished into the lamp.

The genie picked up the lamp, grabbed a magic carpet that was rolled up in a
corner, and told it to take him to the palace. 'I've brought your lamp,' he announced as
he strode into the throne room. 'It isn't magic any more. But I am. And I claim your
daughter's hand in marriage!'

The king looked at the genie. Tall and handsome, and magic, too! That's more
like it!' he said, and turned to the princess, 'Daughter, this is your future husband!' The
princess stopped crying.'Oh, goody!' she said. 'I was so afraid I'd have to marry that
poor, weedy creep instead!'
Louise Cooper 2002
From Short and Scary published by Oxford
University Press.
ISBN 0 19 278190 1
This story was selected as part of the BritLitproject. To find out more about BritLit visit
our TeachingEnglish website:
Preparation: Matching
Match the vocabulary with the correct definition and write a h next to the number 1-8
1......... Very bad a. Hideaway
2......... Weak; pathetic-looking b. Wicked
3......... A place of concealment c. A creep
4........ Past tense of stride; to walk
d. Weedy
5......... An insignificant person e. To chuckle
6......... To laugh quietly f. Check
7......... To make a noise of contempt g. Strode
8......... Impertinence h. To snort
B. Exercise
1. Check your undersatanding: ordering
........... The poor young man ran quickly out of the palace.
........... The poor young man struggled up the Ice Mountain.
............ He found the magic lamp and rubbed it.
............ The poor young man asked the king if he could marry his daughter.
.............. The genie went off to the palace on a magic carpet.
.............. The king set the poor young man a dangerous task.
.............. The genie appeared and grabbed the young man.
.............. The genie married the princess.

2. Check your understanding: true or false
Circle true or false for the sentences

1. The poor young man will do anything to marry the
True False
2. The princess really wanted to marry the poor young man. True False
3. The poor young man was cowardly. True False
4. The genie went to the palace to marry the princess. True False
3. Answer these questions
1. What does you refer to? (paragraph1 line 1)
2. What does it refer to? (paragraph 3 line 4)
3. What does I refer to? (paragraph4line 3)
C. The expected Answer
Preparation: matching
1. B
2. D
3. A
4. G
5. C
6. E
7. H
8. F
1. Check your understanding: ordering
The poor young man asked the king if he could marry his daughter.
The king set the poor young man a dangerous task.
The poor young man ran quickly out of the palace.
The poor young man struggled up the Ice Mountain.
He found the magic lamp and rubbed it.
The genie went off to the palace on a magic carpet.
The genie appeared and grabbed the young man.
The genie married the princes.

2. Check your understanding: true or false
1. True
2. False
3. False
4. True
3. Reference
1. The poor young man
2. The magic lamp
3. The genie


A. Read the following story and then do exercise B and C!

Golden Eggs
Long time ago, a remote village, in central China was inhabited mainly with farmers
and hunters. One day, a poor farmer lost his entire livestock to flood. Heprayed hard to God
for help or his family would die of starvation.
Few days later, an old man with long grey beard, passed by his house took pity on
him. He gave him a goose and said I dont have any expensive thing to give you and hope
this goose will help you to ease your hardship.
A week later to almost surprise the farmer found and egg in his yard. This was no
ordinary egg. I t was a golden egg. He was suddenly overcome with joy. Thereafter, his
livelihood had rapidly improved but the farmer had forgotten his earlier hardship. He became
lazy, arrogant and spendthrift. Strangely, the goose only laid one golden egg every six
months. The greedy farmer lost his patient and slaughtered his goose thinking there were
plenty of golden eggs inside its stomach. Though he very much regretted for his foolishness,
its already too late.

B. Circle true or false for the sentences
1. The poor farmer was given a goose by an old man. True False
2. The poor farmer didnt feel happy with the old mans gift. True False
3. The goose laid an egg twice in a year True False
4. The goose was finally died True False

5. The poor farmer was greedy. True False

C. Answer the following questions
1. What does his (paragraph 1 line 2) refer to?
2. What does you (paragraph 2 line 3) refer to?
3. What does he (paragraph 1 line 2) refer to?
4. What does it (paragraph 3 line 2) refer to?
5. What does its (paragraph 3 line) refer to?

I. Kunci Jawaban
A. True or false sentences
1. True
2. False
3. True
4. True
5. True

B. Reference
1. The poor farmer
2. The poor farmer
3. The old man
4. The egg/golden egg
5. The goose

II. Penilaian
True and false: 5 points
Reference : 5 points
The result of the mark is: 10
Each number has 1 point, if Rani answers all the questions true she will get 10 points


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