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Terminal Assignment Diagram

Wiring Rules
The cables (terminals 1 and 5 and terminals 2 and 8) must be shielded. The shield must be
supported at both ends. To do this, use the shield contact (see the ET 200S Distributed I/O
System operating instructions).
Terminal assignment of the 1Count24V
The tables below show the terminal assignment for the 1Count24V:
Table 1 Terminal assignment of the 1Count24V
View Terminal Assignment Remarks
B: Direction input or track B
A: Pulse input or track A
24V DC: Sensor supply
M: Chassis ground
DI: Digital input
DO1: Digital output
Pulse Generator Connection
Encoder Type Connection Count Direction
Pulse generator without direction indicator 24 V count pulses at terminal 5 (A) pulses
Pulse generator with direction indicator 24 V count pulses at terminal 5 (A) and 24 V
direction at terminal 1 (B)
Up, down
Pulse generator with 2 tracks that are 90
of phase
Track A terminal 5 (A) and track B terminal 1
Up, down
SIMATIC ET 200S Technological Functions
Terminal Assignment Diagram
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