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Guillermo Garcia

RWS 1311 (Mon/Wed)

Project Proposal
September 16, 2014
You may have a hard time choosing what you want to major in college. With this project,
this not only gives you insight on what opportunities that discipline provides but also tells you
what it takes, does, and needs to get to those opportunities. By the end of this assignment you
will know everything for that certain discipline such as its discourse communities, field of
inquiry, and any personal questions. You will also know if you want to pick that certain
discipline as your major or go with another route.
Literature Review/Background
Choosing a discipline had me puzzled because I love music but Im also good with
numbers and that can make me a lot more money in the field of business rather than the field of
music. So I went with business (accounting) and I had the question of, is that what I want to do
for the rest of my life? This is what you call dissonance. So with that question that gave me
exigence, because I want to find out everything about accounting so, that I will know if thats
what you want to do for the rest of my life.

Within that process I have questions so I can find out everything about accounting to see
if thats something I will want to do for the rest of my life. Questions like, what are the stressful
aspects of being an accountant? With this question it will tell me if I have a lot on my shoulders
(more than I could handle). Another question is, what are the kinds of salaries are there for
accountants? This questions would tell me if Im getting my goal salary. Then I have questions
like, what are the types of working schedule does an accountant have? With this question I will
know if I would have time for myself and for my family. I will also have the question of what
kind of businesses does an accountant work at? With this questions it will tell me a lot of things,
it will tell me how they work, how exactly they do their work for that business, and if I would
actually like that business. Finally my last question would be, what other job opportunities are
there for a business/accounting degree? This question tells me what other jobs I can get with an
accounting degree because say I dont like being an accountant.
Many students do this kind of research every day. Some may not be as late and do it
while in college like many graduating seniors. Some also may not do it in the form of a research
paper. For example a student can look up the discipline of their liking, write them down, research
them, and go to the type of jobs that discipline has and conduct interviews or watch how they
work. So theyre many students researching through inquiry not all like me but they just dont
know it.
Collecting data for my research can be done through a process called ethnography.
Through this process I generate a hypothesis which is our primary research. After I then collect
data. To collect data it is important to avoid being bias, so to avoid that problem there is a
solution called triangulation. Triangulation is a solution that collects three types of data which is
surveys, interviews, and human observation. Finally I then produce a detailed description of the
data I collected.
To complete this project I will need a computer with Microsoft word so all my thoughts,
data, and final paper can be recorded. I will also need the help of a professor (Dr. Gary Braun) so
I can use their class for observations, pass out surveys to that class, and of course a one on one
interview with them. Finally, I will also need the readings (on blackboard), search engines, Mrs.
Kinley, and English workshops to guide me along this assignment.
The time frame for this project is a full semester. So from when we started September 9,
2014 till December 11, 2014. There are also deadlines that need to be meet during that time
frame so that the research and data collected can be organized.
Through the process of inquiry for this project you really found out what you want to do
and its not just temporary. This gives you even more self-motivation to complete your education
and can possibly get you a better job as promised with your degree. Ultimately, you found out
what youre going to do for the rest of your life and its something you would actually would
love doing.