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Karina Valdivia

Honors English III

Ms. Held
24 September 2014
Act 2 Scene 2 of The Crucible
After reading act two scene two of The Crucible, it is obvious for why Miller decided to
take the scene out. In this scene John Proctor and Abby talk once more about the night that they
both committed the terrible sin of adultery. He tells Abby that he will tell the others in the court
that she has slept with John. This would ruin the outburst of proclamations that John has at the
end of the following act. Earlier in the play however, the two agree to not bring it up again. It
sends mixed signals to any reader because previously, in scene 1, Proctor calls Abby a whore in
the court. Also, the night of the witchcraft is brought up again in this scene. At this point in the
book I believe that we should be long past that situation. The night in the forest should be
considered part of the rising action, so if Miller brought up this situation from the past it would
take out all of the anticipation and curiosity the reader has developed at this point.
In this scene we see Abigail act completely different towards John. Throughout the book
we read various situation in which we can analyze that she is a very manipulative person. She is
very smart for her age and uses people to her advantage, but in this scene we see Abigail turn
psychotic. She threatens John and speaks of the stabbing once again. If this scene were kept in
the story it would drastically change the readers thoughts throughout the story because Abigails
character would be viewed differently. Miller wanted his readers to be fully aware of the fact that
Abigail is deliberately trying to get others blamed. If scene two were kept in the book then the
readers would instantly think that Abigail has a mental illness due to the way she talks to John.
The entire scene is full of contradictions and confusion which explains why Miller decided to
take it out.