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Miss. Easterly
Mummification Step 1
**Purification of the
**Ceremonial washing
on the west bank of
the Nile**
Mummification Step 2
A priest dressed in the
jackal head costume
representing Annubis
chants over the body
before the rippers
remove the internal
**The removed organs
would be saved in
canopic jars!**
Baboon Lungs
Jackal Stomach
Human Liver
Falcon Intestines
Heart: pickled and returned to the
In the past, when the internal
organs were removed from a
body they were placed in
hollow canopic jars.
Over many years the
embalming practices changed
and embalmers began
returning internal organs to
bodies after the organs had
been dried in natron. However,
solid wood or stone canopic
jars were still buried with the
mummy to symbolically protect
the internal organs.

Imsety the human-
headed god looks
after the liver.
Hapy the baboon-
headed god looks after
the lungs.

Qebehsenuef the
falcon-headed god
looks after the

Duamutef the
god looks after
the stomach.
The Brain
**The Brain was
removed with a
knitting needle like
hook inserted through
the left nostril.**
It was pulled out and
discarded since the
Egyptians felt the
center of life was the


Brain hooks
Oil jar
Embalmer's knife
(Royal Ontario Museum)

Step 3 Packing and Salting
**After the removal of
the internal organs,
every drop of
moisture was
removed from the
The chest cavity was
packed and the body
covered in a natural
For forty days of the 70
day mummification
process efforts were
made to make sure all
water was out of the
body to prevent molds,
fungus, and bacteria
from growing.

**After 40 days the
body was ready for the
final processing**
Plumping and Painting Step 5
The shriveled blackened
corpse was plumped up
like a pillow after a nights
**The body would be
covered with resin and
Red ochre for Men
Yellow ochre for Women
Wrapping Step 6
**After being
plumped and painted,
the mummy was
wrapped in the sacred
linens of Osiris**
Wrapping took 15+ Days!
Beginning with the
head the body was
wrapped in layers.
Each layer was
covered with resins to
seal it.
Portrait Mask Step 7
**A mask is placed over
the head and painted
on it is a portrait of the
dead person**
Type of masks varied,
depending on the
wealth of the person

Amulets of the New Kingdom
Jewelry and Sacred
amulets would be added
at this time.
Teeth would reattached
or added
Name tags would be
place on the mummy
**After the 70 Day
preparation process,
actual burial would
take place.**
A procession with
mourners, food,
family and priests
went to the tomb.
In the final step, the priest
dressed as Annubis
opens the mummies
mouth. This awakens the
senses and allows the
soul to return to the body.
Journey of the Soul
The spirit of the
person now
journeyed through
the underworld on
its trip to judgment
before Osiris.
Wooden sarcophaguses of the later New Kingdom
and early Decline of Egypt.
The Egyptians
mummify there
pets as well