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Where Learning is A Buzz

Embraces a safe, predictable,

nurturing, and consistent
learning environment
Implements interesting and
engaging lesson plans
Uses different modalities to
release the students
Help students develop their
Create a foundation making
students more accepting of
others differences
Empowers students to learn
for today and for life beyond
the classroom.
Bee Yourself
Hello! My name is Sena Hayes
and I am so glad to have your
child in my fourth grade class!
I am happily married to my
husband Bill. We have four
children, Keller, Mina, Layne,
and Nira. We also have a
wonderful zoo of animals.
I am so glad that I can be a
part of your childs life and be
involved in this community.
Please do not hesitate to let
me know if you have concerns
or questions.

7:55 Student supervision begins in gym area for
8:15 School Begins, Attendance, Bell Work
8:20-8:45 RTI time (Social Skills Q1)
8:45 10:15 RM Reading Block
10:15 10:55 Language Standards & Writing
(Wednesday Computers)
10:55 11:20 Lunch
11:20 11:40 Recess
11:45 12:15 Science/Social Studies
12:15 12:55 Music (M,F)
P.E. (Tue, Thur)
Art (W)
1:00-2:00 Math Block
2:00 2:15 Recess
2:15 3:05 RM Language Block
3:05-3:20 Spelling & Handwriting (Milk Break)
3:20-3:25 Planners, Clean up and Dismissal
Late Start Fridays - Our Friday schedule is slightly
different, the main difference for parents to note is
the start time of 8:30, though supervision in the gym
will still be at 7:55 for those of you who need it.

Mrs. Hayes Contact Information:
School phone: 402-222-2222
(Best times to call are; 7:30-8:00 am or 3:30-3:45,
though I am usually at school later than that)
I try to check my email several times a day, though
some days it takes me a while to get to it. If you need
to get a hold of me immediately, please call the school,
leave a message with the secretary and I will get back
to you.
Monthly Newsletters I will be sending out a
monthly newsletter with important information from
our class as well as the great things we are

Everyday students will begin on the color GREEN
(they will begin the month on PURPLE). The plan
allows for teachers to have students pull cards for
inappropriate behavior. FiVe cards, each a different
color are located on a pocket chart where each
students behavior is monitored for the day.
Each time a students needs to pull their card, they
will move to a safe seat where I can give them time
to cool down and then problem solve with them.
They will fill out a responsibility sheet (this asks
students to write down the reason they needed to
pull their card, what they can do differently next
time, and the teacher can sign it and make notes).
This part helps students to remember responsibility
for their actions, and relates the inappropriate
behavior back to one of our school rules.
Purple = Awesome! Doing great all month long!!
Green = Keep it up! Doing great!
Before the yellow warning card, teacher reminders will be given for
inappropriate behavior to the student.
Yellow = Warning, move to safe seat (and loss of recess)
Red = 15 minutes after school (and move to safe seat in another
classroom (a buddy room to gain more space from the environment
that is causing problems)
Blue = 30 minutes after school
Black = Sent to Principal for a problem solving visit (Mr. Bird)
Parents will be informed with a note or phone call home if a student
will have to stay after school. I will make arrangements with parents if
necessary, but lets work together to stick with the policy.

Thanks for your support and help!
Bee Safe
Keep hands, feet and objects to self
Walk facing forward
Allow others to resolve their own problems

Bee Respectful
Ask permission before you touch other peoples belongings
Follow directions from ALL adults
Use appropriate tone, volume, and words when speaking

Bee Responsible
Come prepared and bring all necessary materials
Be in your seat ready to work at the start of class
Take proper care of all personal items & school equipment
Be honest

Bee Leaders
Follow all school rules
Be a positive example for others

It is important for students to complete homework
and bring it back the next day. Students will have
math homework daily (unless it is a test day, once a
week), and they receive grade points for returning it.
They receive no points if it is not brought back the
next day and they will miss recess to complete any
work not finished. Please work with your child to
complete this, you are an important part of their
education as well!
Students are also encouraged to read at home DAILY.
I encourage you to read with your child, it makes
them feel important, and they can also show you
what they know!
All students are given school planners and are
expected to record daily homework assignments in
them. Parents should check them over as well as the
students completed homework each night.
Set a Regular Time for Homework
Pick a Place
Remove Distractions
Provide Supplies and Identify Resources
Monitor Time Spent Viewing TV and Video Games
Help Your Child Get Organized
Encourage Good Study Habits
Talk about the Assignments
Watch for Frustration
Praise, Praise, Praise
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Homework. (n.d.). Retrieved February 13, 2013,
Getting Students Attention:
Teacher: Pattern Clapping
Student: Copy pattern and freeze
Turn and face teacher
Pay attention
Getting Teachers Attention:
Student: Raise 1 finger for help; please wait patiently
Raise 2 fingers like peace sign for bathroom or drink
Ask respectfully for help, please and thank you
Student will leave quickly and quietly
Teacher: Will use 1 finger to signal wait patient
Will use a hand wave motion to excuse student

Beginning Class:
Teacher: Projects math meeting assignment on board
Picks up students from gym
Greet each student by name
Starts metronome timer
Student: Enter quickly and quietly
Put personal items in designated areas
Turn in homework to homework basket
Students with incomplete homework put name under
recess on white board
Place homework folders in cubbies
Sharpen 2 pencils
Be seated and quietly work on math meeting assignment

Instruction Time:
Student: Have the necessary materials
Raise hands to speak
Follow requests in a timely fashion
Focus on classwork
Join in class activities
Keep comments positive
Complete work as requested

Pencil Sharpening:
Student: Must wait for appropriate work time
Put unsharpened or broken pencil in used
pencil can
Borrow a pencil from new pencil can
Student helper sharpens pencils at end of day

Leaving Classroom:
Student: Gather all materials or personal items
Clear off desk
Push in Chairs
Line up in number order quickly and quietly
Wait until teacher signals to leave room
Exit quickly and quietly

Hallway Procedures:
Student: Stay to the right to be polite
Walk quickly and quietly to location
Bathroom Passes:
Student: Raise 2 fingers in a peace sign take pass, put around
neck when excused, leave and return quickly and quietly
Teacher: During work time, will use a side wave motion
and excuse student OR
During instructional time, will approach
student and ask if they could wait

Passing in Papers:
Teacher: Pass to the right to be polite
Student: Take paper and place on students desk on your right
Next student places their paper on your paper and
continues to pass papers to next desk
Students do not put papers in hand
Last student takes papers to classroom work basket on
work table

Ending Class:
Teacher: Starts metronome timer writes assignments and
schedule for next day on white board
Student: Write assignments down in assignment book
Place homework into homework folder
Empty cubby of all papers
Put papers and homework folder in backpack
Take backpack and personal items to desk
Put all materials away, clear desk and put chairs on desk
Wait for teachers instruction to line up
On signal move quietly to door
Listen to the teacher and wait for signal to depart
Say a farewell, Goodbye and quietly and quickly leave
Teacher: Say a farewell to each student

Seamless Transitions:
Teacher: Has all materials ready
Instructs students that it will be time to switch to next
activity in 2 minutes, I will say, time to switch and you
will have 1 minute to get to your next area before music
or timer goes off
Teacher also will instruct students of any additional
thoughts at this time
Time to switch,
Student: Push in chairs and take all materials with you when
timer or music starts
Move quickly and quietly like a mouse
Take a pencil from sharpened can if needed
Be seated and ready to work when music or timer stops

Snacks - Our classroom will have a ten minute milk break at
the end of the day during our spelling and writing time.
Book orders - will be sent out periodically should you choose
to order any books (usually monthly as I get them). I try to make
the due date for a week and a half from when I send out the
order, so more families can afford them after pay days. I also set
up an online ordering option for ordering books through the
scholastic website. I will send out a letter with each book order
of instructions on how to easily order online and earn free
books for our classroom.
Birthday treats You may choose to send birthday treats for
your childs birthday. We have 23 students currently and pre-
packaged treats are requested for health reasons. If your child
has a summer birthday, let me know any day that you would
like us to celebrate it.
Friday Folders Friday folders are sent home every
Friday. They may included weekly work, notes from
teachers, notes from the school, or any other
information you should take a look at.
Please read the information and send the folder back
to school with your child on the next school day.
If you have notes for me you may send them with
your child anytime.
You may send a reusable water bottle with your child
to use in our class and even small packages of tissues
to keep in their desk.
You may also send a hand held manual pencil
sharpener (that encloses the pencil shavings) with
your child to use as needed. These work well to limit
disruptions from our busy day of Learning.
Bee a positive
Bee a volunteer
Create a homework
friendly environment
Help students stay
Keep a regular study
Praise, Praise, Praise

All parents and family members
should try to find the time and
make the effort because research
shows that when families get
involved, their children:
Get better grades and test scores.
Graduate from high school at
higher rates.
Are more likely to go on to higher
Are better behaved and have
more positive attitudes.

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