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Lesson Plan Outline

Subject: American Culture Summer Class

Lesson: American Holidays and Traditions
Essential Question: Are traditions important?
Lesson Objectives:
Students will use prior knowledge to hypothesie about new concepts like American
traditions and holidays!
Students will ac"uire new #ocabulary pertaining to the topic and will be able to use it
correctly in other conte$ts!
Students will gain new knowledge about #arious American holidays and traditions!
Day 1
Introduction (15 minutes)
The teacher should start the lesson by displaying the essential "uestion% Are traditions
important? The teacher will then encourage a discussion about di&&erent traditions that students
Picture Collage (30 minutes)
Students will create one 'ower'oint slide with images &rom di&&erent traditions or traditional
holidays that they ha#e in their country!
(& no technology is a#ailable% students may &ill a page with drawings o& di&&erent traditions or
traditional holidays that they ha#e in their country!
A&ter students ha#e been gi#en time to &ill their pages% they will be gi#en a chance to come up to
the &ront o& the class and share one o& their traditions and e$plain what it is% when it)s celebrated%
and why it)s celebrated!
Discussion Board Activity (15 minutes)
Students will write a short *+, paragraph piece about the &ollowing -iscussion .oard topic:
What is your favorite tradition or traditional holiday in your country? Eplain !hat it is and
!hy you li"e it# The le#el o& the students can determine the length o& the writing piece!
Background Videos (5 minutes)
The teacher will show the background #ideo to gi#e students a better idea o& where the American
holiday o& Thanksgi#ing came &rom!
Vocabulary Introduction ($0 minutes)
Students will ha#e ,2 minutes to look up #ocabulary words and unknown words in the te$t in
their nati#e language!
Reading Aloud ($0 minutes)
3hile students are working on their de&initions% the teacher will call on students indi#idually to
come and read a section o& the reading &or one minute! The teacher will keep a record o& how
many words they read per minute &or each reading to see i& they are increasing their &luency!
Vocabulary Presentation (30 minutes)
4n .lackboard% use the presentation to introduce the new #ocabulary words!
Definition Races (30 minutes)
The teacher or students will need to make a set o& cards containing the de&initions! Two more
sets with the #ocabulary words will be needed! The de&initions will be taped up in the middle o&
the room and the #ocabulary words will be posted at opposite ends o& the room! Students will be
placed into teams! 4ne representati#e will be sent up &rom each team at a time! They will take
turns picking a card! The teacher will &lip it o#er and read the de&inition! The students will race
&rom the teacher to their word bank% grab the correct word% and bring it back! The &irst person to
bring the correct word back to the teacher will recei#e a point! Teams really enjoy helping each
other out!
Listening Exercise (30 minutes)
5sing the media and listening "ui pro#ided in .lackboard% deli#er the listening e$ercise to the
students! Students will listen &or missing words! The teacher will project the reading on the
board% and students will record those words on a sheet o& paper! (t is wise to let the students listen
two times to each recording!
The students will then pass their paper to a classmate who will take out a correcting pen! The
teacher will write the correct answers on the board and students will correct each other)s papers!
Spelling is important!
Day 2
Discussion Board Activity/!eaking Portion (30 minutes)
6luency Lines+Students will get in , lines &acing each other! Each person will ha#e a partner!
They will ha#e 72 seconds each to share responses to What is your favorite tradition or
traditional holiday in your country? Eplain !hat it is and !hy you li"e it# The teacher will
walk through and listen brie&ly to students encouraging more speaking! 8otate through students
about 9 times!
A&terwards% #olunteer students may come up one+by+one and share their responses with the class!
A "ood #ord $or%%% (%0 minutes)
This is a game to promote the use o& synonyms! Teachers may choose to teach the word synonym
or not! To help students retain the new #ocabulary words% gi#e them about ,2 minutes to write
down on paper :a good word ∨ each #ocabulary word on the list! Students should work alone
and keep their answers a secret! Then to make it more &un% the teacher calls each student to the
board one+at+a+time and whispers to them a #ocabulary word &rom the list! The student will write
down the synonym they chose &or that word! The audience will guess what #ocabulary word is
matched with the student)s synonym! The right guesser will now ha#e a turn! Encourage the
audience to begin their guess with% :a good word &or <<<<<<<<<<<<< is <<<<<<<<<<<<<!;
Reading Lecture (&0 minutes)
The reading lecture &ound on .lackboard or iTunes 5 is used to &urther e$plore the topic o&
American holidays and traditions! Students should listen to the audio while the teacher e$plains
the concepts% &acts% and in&ormation where#er necessary! The lecture should allow discussion and
student interaction! Teachers should ask deepening "uestions and encourage student participation
to better understand the content!
&raditions 'ural (&0 minutes for research'preparation)
Students will work in pairs! Each pair will be the e$pert o& an American tradition or a traditional
holiday! They will write a paragraph e$plaining that holiday and its traditions! They will create
an image to go with their writings and paste it to the class mural!
Day 3
Class Para!(rase ($0 minutes)
The class will work together as a whole to paraphrase a paragraph &rom the reading! This will be
an e$ample &or the class to use to understand that the important &acts and in&ormation &rom the
paragraph should still be included% but written in a di&&erent way!
Para!(rasing Paragra!(s (30 minutes)
Either working alone% in pairs% students will be responsible &or paraphrasing one paragraph &rom
the reading! The teacher will di#ide the reading up and gi#e each student or group% one
paragraph! They must include the most important &acts and in&ormation but be said in their own
words! Each student or group will practice speaking by reading aloud their paraphrased
Create )our *+n Po+er!oint ($0 minutes)
Students will create their own 'owerpoint slides by downloading the template &rom .lackboard%
or they may create their own entirely new 'owerpoint or =eynote >i'ad?! 5sing each #ocabulary
word &rom this lesson% students will write their own e$ample sentences! The teacher can choose
i& students are to be e$pected to present their 'owerpoints in class or not! This can also be a
small group acti#ity! The teacher may also re"uire students to use the recording &eature o&
'owerpoint and ha#e the students record their own #oice reading the sentences they ha#e
Revie+ "a,e- Connect $our (%5 minutes)
This will re"uire a little homework &or the teacher! The teacher should create a ''T with
practice test "uestions >#ocabulary and comprehension?! (n class% the students will be put into
teams! The &irst team will be shown a "uestion! (& students get the right answer% their team gets
to drop an :@; or :4; on the Connect 6our .oard! (& they answer incorrectly% they do not get to
drop a letter! The &irst team to connect A letters wins >letters many not &loat% they must go all the
way to the bottom o& the board?!
&raditions 'ural (&0 minutes for research'preparation)
Students will &inish researching and creating their tradition writings and murals!
Day 4
"ra!(ic * &/C(art ($0 minutes)
Students will download the T+Chart &rom blackboard and work together to &ill it in! 4n one side
students will write how Americans celebrate all o& the holidays in the reading% and on the other
side% students will write what they like about the holiday! 3e will then go o#er it as a class! The
teacher will call on indi#iduals to share answers!
Lesson &est (&0 minutes)
Students will take the test in .lackboard to assess students) understanding o& #ocabulary and
comprehension o& content! (t is also help&ul to ha#e a paper #ersion o& the test &or the students to
&raditions 'ural (1($ hours dependin) on class si*e)
The students will present their Tradition Burals and writings to the class!
Informal Formal
-iscussion .oard Acti#ity Listening E$ercise
-e&inition 8ace Lesson Test
A 0ood 3ord 6orC 6inal 3riting Assignment
Create Dour 4wn 'owerpoint
'araphrasing 'aragraphs
Suggestions &or the Teacher
All writing e$ercises can be e$tended to speaking acti#ities by group sharing >Ss are put
into either pairs or small groups to share their writing? or #olunteer presenting in &ront o&
the class!
Dou may substitute any o& the #ocabulary acti#ities &or one you or the class pre&ers!
6or smaller classes that ha#e e$tra time on day A% another #ocabulary or content re#iew
game may be played be&ore the lesson test!