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Assume that you are a founder of Brainy Montessori who will deliver a speech on

Parenting Tips during your open day. Your speech is focused to this area, What does it
take to be a good parent? In your speech, descrie the characteristics of a good parent.
!ive specific details to e"plain your views. #se your personal oservations, e"perience,
and $nowledge.
%rite your speech etween &'(()*((( words. +ach point should e elaorated with
significant e"amples.
Picture this. On one fine day, your 13-year-old boy comes home bringing a letter from the
school telling that he is playing truant and bullying his classmates. What would you do?
Grounding your boy for two wees? !colding him for two long hours? Or using "iolence
against him? !ome people might say that you reap #ust what you sow. $nd so do %.
Well, perhaps we should begin. $ "ery good morning to the honorable guests, ladies
and gentlemen and members of the floor. % cannot welcome any of you indi"idually, because
it would be impossible to single out any of the people sitting here before me. &ut as the
e'ception, % wish to e'tend a warm welcome to fellow delegates from the "arious countries
and we are "ery honored by your attendance to our opening day of &rainy (ontessori. )han
you for the interest you ha"e shown and than you for coming here from near and far to tae
part in this tal.
*or those of you who do not now me, my name is (aria (ontessori. $s a founding
member of &rainy (ontessori, % feel so honored to be standing here before you. Planning this
e"ent has been a long #ourney for me, from the random brainstorming sessions at random
places to the official meetings around town. &ut, % ha"e en#oyed e"ery minute of it. %n this
glorious morning, it is my pleasure to share some Parenting )ips that % belie"e would be "ery
beneficial towards us all. !o sit down, lay bac and please lend me your ears. %f you ha"e any
+uestions, %,ll be happy to answer them as we go along. )herefore, feel free to as any
*irst and foremost, % would lie to start by clarifying the "ision of our &rainy
(ontessori. %n this institute, we belie"e that the world can be ideal if e"eryone follow their
true nature through the right education and the right en"ironment. )hrough this "ision,
parents will get the best of both worlds which are a high-+uality education founded on a