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10. The increasing order of specific charge for electron (e), proton(p), neutron(n) and alpha particle

(1) e, p, n,

(2) n,

, p, e (3) n, p, e,

(4) n, p,

, e
11. In a region of space cathode rays moving along positive z-axis and a uniform magnetic field is
applied along x-axis. If cathode rays pass undeviated, the direction of electric field will be along
(1) negative x-axis (2) positive y-axis (3) negative y-axis (4) positive z-axis
12. You are sitting in a room in which uniform magnetic field is present in vertically down ward
direction. When an electron is projected in horizontal direction towards right of you, it will be
moving in the circular path with constant speed.
(1) clock wise in vertical plane (2) clock wise in horizontal plane
(3) anticlock wise in vertical plane (4) anticlock wise in horizontal plane