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Long-Term Project
for Web & Digital Design Pathway
The long-term project for the Web and Digital Media Pathway is the development of promotional materials for the
North Paulding High School Career and Technology Department. Students will work in teams to complete a web
page for each pathway offered at the school and each CTSO at the school.
The entire web site will include pathway information for 13 pathways and an overview of CTAE. The Digital Media
Students will create a promotional video for the pathways that will be embedded into the main page of the site.
The process of the long-term project will be conducted as follows:
1. The entire class will work together to plan the site, set styles for the site, and develop a navigation plan to
ensure site consistency.
2. Students will then be divided into teams to storyboard their individual pages and present them to the class
and pathway teacher for input and approval.
3. Students will use their Digital Media skills to take pictures and design graphics for the site.
4. One project leader will combine all pages into a single site.
5. Students will then create the following print materials for their pathway:
a. Brochure
b. Poster
c. Flyer for Middle School Audience
d. Flyer for Parents and Other Stakeholders
Promotional materials will be used at Open House, the Reality Fair, middle school information sessions, and parent
information sessions conducted by the school.
Standards Met in the Project:
IT-FWD-1: Demonstrate employability skills required by business and industry (writing, problem solving, time
management, accountability, independent work, teamwork, professionalism)
IT-FWD-2: Plan, develop, implement, and resolve ethical issues involved in creating and publishing a website
(phases of web development, use flowcharts/storyboards, site navigation and consistency, multimedia
IT-FWD-3 & 5: Create documents using a variety of tags following coding practices commonly used to create web
pages. Using Cascading Style Sheets to format elements within a web site.
IT-FWD-4: Create and use graphics to enhance web pages using a variety of tools (color principles, proper image
format, adding images)
IT-FWD-9: Explore how related student organizations are integral parts of career and technology education
courses through leadership development, school and community service projects, entrepreneurship development,
and competitive events.