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Antoinette Fahie Stage 2 Research Project

Kester Philips, D. C., Bardsley, M. E., Bach, T., & Gibb-

Brown, K. (2009). "But I teach Math!" The Journey of middle
school mathematics teachers and literacy coaches learning to
integrate literacy studies in mathematics. Education, 129, 467-

This article discusses exactly what I believe, that math is two
languages in one. Not only do students need to memorize symbols
and use them precisely, they need to also understand the text. The
groups of math and literacy teachers actually sat down together and
realized that literacy has everything to do with math, and they
needed to address the issue to help their students. Their strategies,
such as learning how to read a graphic organizer, and tables prior
to a math lesson helped the students make gains in both content

Draper, R. J., & Siebert, D. (2004). Different Goals, Similar
Practices: Making Sense of the Mathematics and Literacy
Instruction in a Standards Based Mathematics Classroom.
American Educational Research J ournal.
This article describes both the process and products of a
cooperative inquiry project between two educational researchers
one from literacy education and one from mathematics education.
The collaboration took place in an undergraduate, inquiry-based
mathematics classroom in which the researchers sought to develop
a shared vision of learning and literacy. The researchers
discovered that they each used a different learning model to make
sense of mathematics instruction, and that both of these models
obscured important aspects of learning in a Standards-based
mathematics classroom. An alter- native model of learning and
literacy in mathematics that takes into consideration both models
Antoinette Fahie Stage 2 Research Project
is presented, as well as the process through which the researchers
negotiated this shared perspective.

Through the use of cooperative inquiry, which is actually
researching with people, the authors came together in an
elementary classroom, each with their own area of expertise, and
conducted research with students. They had various activities that
answered questions about how literacy and mathematics
instruction can be taught simultaneously. Their inquiry led them to
a conclusion that this was only a first step towards at conquering
the mathematics with respect to literacy issue. They came up with
a model that I would like to implement in the math/science
classroom I am in now to test it on my students.

Altieri, J. L. (2009). Strengthening Connections between
Elementary Classroom Mathematics and Literacy. Teaching
Children Mathematics, 15(6), 346-351.

Through the use of games, and other Ticket out the door activities,
this teacher/author combines mathematics and literacy to help
students make connections between the two. These are strategies
that I would implement in my classroom, and this insightful article
included beginning of the day work, poems, and vocabulary, all n
the name of math.