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If you could add a sport to the school

By- Ethan Ranger

I went around NGMS and asked 33 students If you could add a sport to the school what would
it be?And why?Heres what I got:

Derek Cruz
Kickball because it is like soccer and baseball.
Jonah Evans
Handball because handball is awesome.
Dylan Washington
Lacrosse because if it is a cross between hockey and football.
Camdon Satterfield
Rugby because it is like football.
Eduardo Hernandez
Kickball because I like to play it and it reminds me of soccer.
Shamari Doyle
Hockey because it is fun and it helps you become stronger.
Christopher Klapchar
Hockey because you can practice your moves like stick handling, shooting etc.
Derrick Moore
Hockey because it is a very athletic sport.
Kian Smith
Swimming because I like swimming.
Xolani Pittman
Bowling because Im really good at it and I played it before and it is amazing.
Madison Carlyle
Tennis because it is fun and you get good exercise.
Jonathan Lagunas
Hockey because it would be fun skating using the stick to hit the puck and try to score.
Andrew Gazso
Roller Hockey because it would be easier to do Roller Hockey instead of regular hockey
because you wouldnt have to layout the ice.
Gustavo Hernandez
Boxing because it is fun and you get to practice your defenses.
David Rhodes
Wrestling. No reason.
Jocelyn Smith
Tennis because it is competitive and is fun.
Kilian Ranger
Ice Hockey because you can get good exercise.
Tyler Moore
Roller derby because its fun to do and you move a lot.
Isaiah Williams
Swimming, for hot days.
John Roberts
Swimming because it is good to have swimming skills so you dont drown.
Maddie Foushee
Tennis because I know lots of people who play tennis and because I like smacking stuff with
Lexi Morgan
Lacrosse because its an outgoing sport and it would be fun to learn how to play and it would
make NGMS a bold school.
Emily Sigfrit
Roller Derby because people need to learn to toughen up and its a tough sport.
Khia Richardson
Tennis because most people choose bulky things like football and I have a couple of friends
who want to play tennis.
Shelby Howell
If I were to add a sport I would add hurdles because it would be more challenging for people to
complete in less time.
Payton Brooks
Swimming because a lot of schools dont have swimming as an option.
Mauricio Amaya
Dodgeball because its fun and its exciting.
Lauren Parrish
Clogging because it is fun and challenging.
Kyla Horton
Gymnastics or tumbling because people it is fun and people dont get to do it much.
Jennifer Rogel
Swimming because swimming is fun and its great exercise.
Madison Pritchett
Kickball because its fun and its a team sport and its a team effort.
Lenwood Arnold
Hockey because I take Karate and it is an all around fun sport, also it would help with physical
Daniel Cruz
Hockey because it can allow people to learn hockey and people who dont know how to play
can learn.
Tyler Reyes
Golf because it is fun and easy to learn.