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Home Remedies using Black Plum

The Jambul/ Jamun fruit known in English as the Black Plum or Java Plum is not a
useless fruit, but a Vanaspati possessing many curative properties. ence, it is use! in
some tra!itional "n!ian #nani $eme!ies. "n this post, " have e%plaine! its use in three
simple to practice home reme!ies. These reme!ies are cost effective as the cost almost
Relief from Sprains and Strains
The see!s of the Jambul fruit have to be !rie! in sha!e an! then pow!ere! an! bottle!.
Then whenever nee!e! to get reliefs from sprains an! strains, a teaspoon of the pow!er is
consume! along with cur!s, thrice a !ay, in the mornings, afternoons an! evenings.
&bout ' (rams of the pow!ers of Jambul )ee!s shoul! be consume! along with water
twice a !ay in the mornings an! evenings.
Nocturnal Emission
Those suffering from this problem an! feeling concerne! about the involuntary wastage
of semen shoul! consume * (rams of the pow!er of !rie! Jambul fruit )ee!s, twice a
!ay, in the morning an! evenings along with milk.
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