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Schoo|: LasLvlew Plgh School 1eacher: Schaffer Grade Leve|]Content Area: 10 Crade Avlu Class

lnformaLlon from Sharroky Pollle's CenLer for CulLurally 8esponslve 1eachlng & Learnlng and CC LqulLy & lncluslve LducaLlon 1eam
Lqu|ty Wa|k for Cu|tura||y kespons|ve 1each|ng

I|rst Impress|ons: We always look aL Lhe pre-requlslLe areas of level of engagemenL and classroom
of sLudenLs engaged aL 3 mlnuLe
3:100.....LngagemenL was checked afLer 2 mln of Lhe
Crder? ?es or lnhlblLlng (conLrolllng
or permlsslve)
?es, lL was an Avld Class. SLudenLs were learnlng Lhe Code" of
8especL and asklng 8elevanL quesLlons.
Lesson uescrlpLlon

SLudenLs sharlng Lhelr Mandala. resenLaLlons Skllls,

Second Impress|ons: now we are looklng speclflcally for any use of CL8 caLegorles and acLlvlLles.
CLk Iocus Areas Act|v|t|es Cbserved
use of aLLenLlon slgnals
use of proLocols for respondlng
use of proLocols for dlscusslon
Lvldence of exLended collaboraLlon acLlvlLles
use of movemenL

rotoco|s for D|scuss|on were very c|ear. S||ence when
students started ta|k|ng. ke|evant quest|ons were
asked and students be|ng support|ve.
Learn|ng Lnv|ronment
Anchor charLs
All sLudenLs' work represenLed
SeaLlng ArrangemenLs (small group, large, eLc.)
ulfferenLlaLed, lncluslve, and reflecLlve of lndlvldual

key words, AVID core were d|sp|ayed a|| over the room.
Students were us|ng techno|ogy to d|sp|ay the|r
Manda|a. Us|ng |t as a v|sua| a|d to exp|a|n them-

ke||g|on was ta|ked about and d|scussed. Very Non-
Instruct|ona| Core
SLudenL conversaLlons
Less Leacher Lalk, more sLudenL Lalk
LxLend walL Llme for 7-10 seconds
Cral language supporLed Lhrough vocabulary
Speclflc and supporLlve feedback wlLh sLudenL growLh
ln mlnd
SLudenLs know whaL & why someLhlng ls LaughL

nard|y any teacher ta|k..kept d|scuss|on go|ng |f |t fe||.
Students were respons|b|e for the d|rect|on of the

1he or|g|n of |anguage was d|scussed through Lat|n
(Span|sh, Ita||an).

Cne student taught the others to say thank you |n
C[|bwa. "Neekw|ch"
D|fferent|ated Instruct|on
varleLy of lnsLrucLlonal sLraLegles
1hlnk Alouds
Scaffoldlng & gradual release
Larly & approprlaLe lnLervenLlon when needed
SLudenL backgrounds lncorporaLed lnLo currlculum
MulLl-llLeracy opporLunlLles for LLL sLudenLs
Lvldence of pro[ecL-based approaches
llexlble groups (heLero & homo)
uaLa drlven lnsLrucLlonal sLraLegles (Marzano)
urposeful flcLlon & nonflcLlon readlng/wrlLlng

In the f|rst ____ speakers, students ta|ked about the|r
cu|ture. N|ger|an, Cuban]Ita||an, Nat|ve Amer|can

ro[ect to def|ne themse|ves.

1ake Away 1houghts
Use of attent|on s|gna|s---Could easlly be lnLroduced Lo sLarL a new speaker, shlfL ln acLlvlLy.
Use of protoco|s for respond|ng-Clearly used.respecLful llsLenlng and quesLlon asklng.
Schoo|: LasLvlew Plgh School 1eacher: Schaffer Grade Leve|]Content Area: 10 Crade Avlu Class
lnformaLlon from Sharroky Pollle's CenLer for CulLurally 8esponslve 1eachlng & Learnlng and CC LqulLy & lncluslve LducaLlon 1eam
Use of protoco|s for d|scuss|on---Clearly used and LaughL..SLudenLs even call ouL oLher sLudenLs for noL
sLlcklng wlLh Lhe norms..alLhough noL called norms".
Lv|dence of extended co||aborat|on act|v|t|es---1he use of Lhe Mandala was clear evldence of Lhls.
Many klds followed up whaL Lhey saw as 9
graders. Was a clear communlLy
Use of movement----Cnly Lhe speakers when Lhey LranslLloned Lo Lhe fronL. Could be lncorporaLed .
Learn|ng Lnv|ronment
Anchor charts---key values were posLed. norms were noL. Could be lncorporaLed easlly.
Lxemp|ars---noL posLed
kubr|cs---used, buL noL evldenL on Lhe LqulLy Walk
A|| students' work represented---1hrough Lhe process of sharlng. All sLudenLs parLlclpaLed.
1echno|ogy---used ln resenLlng. Mandala could be bullL/made uslng Lechnology
Seat|ng Arrangements (small group, large, eLc.)---1radlLlonal Classroom. 8ows slde by slde for easy
1hlnk, alr, Share. l dld observe grouplng when sLudenLs were lnvolved wlLh Lhelr LuLorlng sesslons.
SLudenLs LranslLlon ln and ouL of grouplng qulckly.
D|fferent|ated, |nc|us|ve, and ref|ect|ve of |nd|v|dua| |earners---Mandala acLlvlLy dlfferenLlaLed lLself.
8ased on sLudenL cholce and personallLy. Peavy emphasls on culLure and dlverslLy.
Instruct|ona| Core
Student conversat|ons-focused on a group quesLlon and answerlng. 8especLful of each oLher. Slde
conversaLlons sLopped afLer 10-13 seconds of presenLaLlons sLarLlng. 1eacher had Lo say Come on
Cuys" 3 Llmes Lo refocus a group of boys.
Less teacher ta|k, more student ta|k---very llLLle Leacher Lalk. SLudenLs were clear on expecLaLlons and
Lxtend wa|t t|me for 7-10 seconds---noL observed
Cra| |anguage supported through vocabu|ary---1oday's acLlvlLy dld noL focus on academlc vocabulary.
Powever, sLudenL lead dlscusslon abouL vocabulary was very evldenL..Cne naLlve Amerlcan sLudenL
was asked Lo Leach Lhe class a vocabulary word."1hank you!"
Spec|f|c and support|ve feedback w|th student growth |n m|nd---AssessmenL daLa was belng Laken.buL
noL shared wlLh sLudenL aL LhaL Llme.
Students know what & why someth|ng |s taught---lL was clear LhaL sLudenL knew whaL Lhe asslgnmenL
was and LhaL Lhey Look enough Llme Lo compleLe lL wlLh academlc efforL. Lverybody LhaL was scheduled
Lo presenL dld on Llme. Cne sLudenL was asked Lo swlLch Llme sloLs because anoLher sLudenL broughL
Mexlcan Candy Lo share wlLh Lhe class.
D|fferent|ated Instruct|on
Var|ety of |nstruct|ona| strateg|es---Cnly one observed ln Lhls walk. Avlu does use a large varleLy.
1h|nk A|oudsnoL observed
Scaffo|d|ng & gradua| re|ease---noL Cbserved
Lar|y & appropr|ate |ntervent|on when needed---noL observed
Student backgrounds |ncorporated |nto curr|cu|um---very clear and very effecLlve. AsslgnmenL was
abouL Lhe concepL of and lnLo Lhe fuLure. ulfferences were celebraLed
Mu|t|-||teracy opportun|t|es for LLL students---?es..buL l am noL sure Lhey were LL sLudenLs. Cne
nlgerlan sLudenL used hls language Lo Lalk abouL Lhe meanlng of hls name. A Cuban sLudenL Lalked
Schoo|: LasLvlew Plgh School 1eacher: Schaffer Grade Leve|]Content Area: 10 Crade Avlu Class
lnformaLlon from Sharroky Pollle's CenLer for CulLurally 8esponslve 1eachlng & Learnlng and CC LqulLy & lncluslve LducaLlon 1eam
abouL how hls CrandmoLher saw dlfferences ln Lhe Spanlsh language. A naLlve sLudenL used hls
language and LaughL Lhe class a slmple phrase.
Lv|dence of pro[ect-based approaches---1he Mandala was a pro[ecL. Pands on uslng arL and color.
8esearched and Lhen presenLed. AL leasL 3 ma[or sLeps.
I|ex|b|e groups (hetero & homo)---lL was an lndlvldual pro[ecL
Data dr|ven |nstruct|ona| strateg|es (Marzano)---noL observed.
urposefu| f|ct|on & nonf|ct|on read|ng]wr|t|ng ---noL observed.buL clearly an opporLunlLy Lo enrlch
Lhe asslgnmenL.

os|t|ves: erhaps Loo easy a class Lo look for equlLy prlnclples. Powever Lo use as a basellne for all
oLher Lype experlences, lL was good Lo see how an equlLy drlven classroom can have such a poslLlve
effecL. l can clearly see how Lhls classroom and Lhls acLlvlLy can be broughL lnLo oLher classrooms Lo
help creaLe a more culLurally responslve envlronmenL. lL could be a very lmporLanL acLlvlLy Lo begln a
quarLer. SLudenLs could presenL as a way Lo sLarL class and help eL sLudenLs seLLled ln whlle focuslng on

uest|ons: Would Lhe sLaff aL Lhe Lwo bulldlngs embrace Lhls acLlvlLy or would Lhey look aL lL as an Avlu

Mov|ng Iorward: l would llke Lo presenL Lhls Lo Lhe LvPS LqulLy Leam Lhe nexL Llme Lhey meeL. l wlll
brlng Lhls acLlvlLy..boLh Lhe LqulLy Walk and Lhe Mandala acLlvlLy..back Lo 8PMS. l could see lL as a
anLher 1lme acLlvlLy, buL even larger as an acLlvlLy Lo embrace culLural responslveness ln Lhe
classroom. SLudenLs could lnclude how Lhe sub[ecL maLLer ls relevanL Lo Lhelr culLure and even provlde
examples of leaders from Lhose culLures.