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Guide to Your Campaign:
Part I

You are a team of employees in an advertising
company. You have been allocated a product to work on in a lottery: write it down
in the box.

Your team must work together to devise a campai gn for this product (or service),
for one of your companys clients.

You will have two weeks (4 l essons) to research and plan your pitch together.

You will present your pi tch, as a group, to your colleagues in the company, as
well as to some local community members who have knowledge about marketing.

Your team must keep records of discussions, plans, research, resources and designs
in a Campai gn j ournal . This will be assessed.

You will need to expl ore some marketi ng concepts, as well as persuasi ve
wri ti ng techni ques, as part of your preparation. Your findings will be recorded in
your Campaign journal.

More details about these
assessments will be given
to you as the unit


1. Allocate rol es in your team (volunteering or lottery, you
2. Choose a note-taki ng method or tool, e.g. exercise book;
binder with loose leaf pages; productivity app on iPad or
laptop (eg Evernote); shared documents on Google Drive;
Virtual group on Edmodo
Product from lottery:


1. Team campaign journal (25%)
2. Final group presentation (50%)
3. Individual reflection on the campaign process (20%)
4. Individual student feedback on other groups
presentations (5%)
to al l ocate:

Leading questioner
Resource organiser

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Guide to Your Campaign: Part II

Concepts and terms to expl ore as part of your team research:

Target market

4Ps of Marketi ng:
Product, Pri ce, Pl ace, Promoti on
Di fferenti ati on

Consumer ethi cs

You may choose to split up into smaller sub-groups to explore these concepts and
report back to the group.

In your Campai gn Journal your group needs to record:

1. a clear defi ni ti on of the terms and
2. the groups i deas about they mi ght appl y to this specific campaign.

Some resources you mi ght fi nd hel pful :

Your textbook sections on Marketing and Consumer research

Marketi ng terms Marketi ng: di fferenti ati on

Monash University Marketing Dictionary

4Ps of Marketing powerpoint (adapted
from TES Australia resource): available on

Small business toolkit:

Offers practical advice including:

Understanding your market:
Consumer Affai rs Vi ctori a resources Consumer ethi cs

Consumer Affairs learning/teaching
Shop ethical! Website:

Ethical Consumers: