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Chapter 12 Waste NotesGuiding Questions

p. 303-309
(1) What is solid waste? Is any discarded matrial that
is not liquid or gas How much of it do we produce in
the U.S. each year?
(2) Why has the amount of waste produced doubled
in the U.S. since the 1960s? many things are made
for one time use
(3) Compare and contrast biodegradable versus non
biodegradable materials. Provide an example of each
as well. Biodegradable can be broken down by living
things like cotton fibers plastics are not
(4) Where does most of our solid waste come from
(about 70%)? Manufacturing and mining
(5) What is municipal solid waste? The trash
produced by house hold and businesses What makes
up the largest portion of this waste (Figure 12-
(6) What percentage of our trash is recycled?25
(7) Where does our trash that is not recycled go (you
can use Figure 12-9)?landfills
(8) Describe three problems with storing waste in
(9) When is NC estimated to run out of landfill space
(use Figure 12-12)?5 to 10 years
(10) Describe two problems with incinerating waste.
Polluting the air and water